Computer Updating and Service

  dafil 09:51 10 Dec 2003

Can anyone tell me how I go about getting my computer updated and serviced I have the Microsoft XP Edition 2001

  critic-al 10:38 10 Dec 2003

Can you give a little more details about your system and what you would like to upgrade too.

OK, I'll try and get this ball rolling before your question slips away without an answer then hopefully everyone will chip in with their suggestions as well.

Going by the phrasing of your question I am going to take it that you are not really at all familiar with the internal goings on of the 'beige box thing' so lets begin with an old adage 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'.

Now thats out of the way lets start with the basic 'housekeeping' tasks. These should be done on a regular basis. look in your start menu for 'system tools', there you will find such things as 'Disk defragmentation' this is one of the most important things you should to keep your machine running smoothly, if you havent done this before allow a good stretch of time for it as its a long process ( the more often you do it the less time it will take).

Also in System tools is Disk Cleanup, a good thing to do but be careful what you choose to delete.( I dont want to confuse the issue but blanket deletion of your cookies will lose things like your amazon wish-list which you might not want to happen) there are many other housekeeping tasks that are a little more advanced or involve third party tools like registry cleaners but for now i think I'll leave that alone.

Next lets do 'Windows Update' at the top of the program menu, click that and it will take you to the windows update website, follow the instructions and it will scan your system and give you a list of available updates and fixes. If this is your first visit I'm afraid the list is going to be Huge! but really these updates are quite important and you may be offered new drivers for some of your hardware.

OK. thats just a few of the tasks you can start with to keep your Operating system system in order .

Servicing your hardware, still presuming you are not familiar with the inside of the box, is best left to a professional down in the local computer shop ( check if you have any warranty left) Computers are actually fairly simple inside but if you are not aware of such things as 'electro-static discharge' the potential for disaster is massive. after two years your machine will almost certainly be in need of a good cleaning out.

Moving on to physical upgrades to the hardware, this will all depend on what you want or need from your machine. but then that brings me back to where i started 'if it aint broke...'

hopefully everyone will chip in now with some more suggestions.

  spuds 12:28 10 Dec 2003

Think also, that Updating may bring thoughts of Upgrading into mind, depending on the age of your computer. If this is a possibility, then consider two factors. Is my computer worth the extra costs involved, which well mean that you still have an machine with no future upgrades possible,or do you consider a new computer, with all the latest components, and much further expansions possible.

I have gone the upgrade route on two occassions, but in the end, considering the price range of computers nowadays. I have wondered whether I have made 'none value for money' decisions.

  Gaz 25 13:06 10 Dec 2003

More details would be quite helpful please.

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