Computer turns off after about 5-10 seconds

  helpme123321123 12:23 23 Dec 2013

Alright I am at a complete blank on this problem. Bought my old computer 2 years ago maybe. Doesn't really matter. Anyways I had to restart my old computer one day for whatever reason to which I cannot remember the reason why I had to restart it. But upon restarting it would shut off within 5-10 seconds. I do not remember if my old computer made any sort of beeping noises or not. Well the lack of computer parts at my disposal I decided to take it to geek squad. Which is like 2 hours away just fyi. They put a new graphics card in it and it worked like a champ. So I walked out with a Geforce 660 GTX which was kind of top of the line back then. Got home, after about second or third time restarting it for updates and what not, the fucking thing started doing it again. Like wtf!!

So pretty much forget it... I’m done with that computer. (Laptop was better anyways) Fast forward 6 ish months maybe. I decide to pretty much build a new computer from scratch. I go on amazon and buy A new monitor.. w/e

AMD FX 9370 processor click here M5A99FX Pro R2.0 mother board click here Professional series HX 750 watt Gold plus power supply click here vengeance DDR3 1866 MHZ ram 16GB total click here Hydro Series EXTREME Performance liquid cooler. H100i click here had the case. The old original hard drive. And the "new ish graphics card"

Put this bad boy together. AND IT TURNS OFF AFTER 5-10 seconds like WTF.. I can’t even get into bios. Here is what happens exactly when I turn this on. Press the Power button or bios button "doesn’t matter which one" it beeps once. A nice, short, soft, beeping sound. Which I am pretty sure that is supposed to happen. Anyways the fans turns on, the monitor starts running, some red lights on the motherboard turn on, which I’m pretty sure is bad and everything is fine. Now if it’s the first time the computer gets turned on, within about an hour wait, it actually gets to the bios screen. Maybe it takes 8 seconds to get there. And then BOOM turns off. If it gets turned on again right after that it will stay on for about 5 seconds and turns off. And it keeps staying on for a shorter and shorter period of time with every boot up.

I had a friend look it over to make sure everything was hooked up right. N/H

I tried turning it on with no power to the graphics card it was N/H.

I tried with just 1 stick of 8g ram N/H... in a different slot N/H... the other one N/H... then also in a different slot N/H

I tried my old 700 watt power supply N/H

I also figured the only thing I did not replace ever was the hard drive. So I just so happened to have an old old 32g hard drive in my room. unk if it is good, but decided to put it in regardless. N/H

One thing I did not try was putting my old DD3 1600 ram in

I kind of talked myself into "well maybe my old computer blew my old graphics card up… Along with the 660 GTX. And maybe the 660 GTX is bad in my new computer!?!!" But it can’t be. I really do not want to take another 2 hour road trip. I live in the middle of nowhere.

Someone please help me.

ASUS Corsair Corsair Corsair Already

  chub_tor 14:55 23 Dec 2013

If it is turning off that quickly it is most likely a CPU overheating problem. Did you make sure that the cooler had the correct thermal paste amount (I see from the installation instructions that it should have been pre-applied) and that it is making good mechanical contact with the CPU? Just in case you haven't seen it Click Here for the installation instructions.

In your reply please moderate the bad language, this is not acceptable in this forum.

  helpme123321123 16:21 23 Dec 2013

Sorry about the language. I did read the instruction manual. However I did not read the part where thermal paste was pre-applied. Which I should have known because the liquid cooler was a different color in the center, however I paid no attention to it when I was installing the cooler. So I did apply additional thermal paste to it as well. I am currently at work, so in 3 hours I'll give an update about it. Can I just clean it off with Isopropyl Alcohol and try to re-apply it with the thermal paste I have??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:38 23 Dec 2013

Can I just clean it off with Isopropyl Alcohol and try to re-apply it with the thermal paste I have??


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