A computer turns off after...

  Ugni Kalnis 19:58 22 Jan 2017

My computer turns off when i close couple or more programs simultaneously or if i go for a quick break and stop playing games, what could it be? wattage seems perfectly fine, i've got no idea what to do.

  wee eddie 22:42 22 Jan 2017

Stop closing multiple programs. Just close one at a time

  x123 23:09 22 Jan 2017

Look under computer management > system tools > event viewer.

See if any logs show when the computer had shut down.

  Ugni Kalnis 04:10 23 Jan 2017

click here well you can see what is shows, what could it be? computer isn't one of the best, but isn't a huge trash too, it has fx 6300 and gtx 750 TI with a 600w power supply.

  x123 05:05 23 Jan 2017

Some things worth looking at

enter link description here

Do you have a spare psu you could swap over?

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