Computer turns off 2 sec after turned on

  Oskar Friberg 13:12 25 May 2018

Hello! When my computer froze today, I just walked away and when I came back the computer had shut down. I was surprised and tried to turn it on, when I turned it on everything started, all light, all fans etc. But after about 2 sec, the computer shuts down, all the fans and LED etc shuts down, but then again without turning it on the computer turns on itself again and then off, exactly what happened the first time. the computer tries to turn on then off and just keep doing that unless I cut the power. It seems that the PSU is trying to get enough power to start, then it can't but then it tries again. But I have no idea, that's just my thought, I appreciate if you would help.

  wee eddie 13:26 25 May 2018

Could the insides be full of dust?

  Oskar Friberg 13:32 25 May 2018

I'll admit it's pretty dusty, but still not that, should I clean it? And why would the dust make my computer unbooteable

  wee eddie 14:07 25 May 2018

Clear all the dust out, particularly from in between the fins of the heat exchangers. If the Heat exchanger on you graphics card is encased, you will have to take the cover off.

Many will recommend a can of air. Personally I use STMBO's hair dryer and a 1/2 inch, natural bristle, paint brush.

Don't use a nylon brush, there is a serious danger of Static discharge damage, and don't put anything inside the power supply, its capacitors can deliver some frightening voltages, ever when unplugged.

  Oskar Friberg 14:21 25 May 2018

UPDATE: Solved the problem by cleaning everything.

QUESTION: Why would dust make the computer unbootable?

Thanks a lot mate <3

  wiganken2 14:33 25 May 2018

Heat must be able to escape and dust acts like a blanket stopping it from escaping and so components overheat causing safety trips to switch computer off. Computers should be cleaned out about every 2 years maximum.

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