Computer total memory

  J. I. 13:54 27 Nov 2008

I have a xp home computer service pack 3. The comp has 4 memory blocks fitted, each block is 265 ddr of ram, my comp says i have 1gb of total memory. My friend tells me i should have over 2gb's of total memory.His he correct or do i have a problem. Appreciate any help to clarify.

  Quiet Life 13:57 27 Nov 2008

Your friend is wrong. Whether DDR2 or DDR3 does not alter the memory size.

  tullie 14:04 27 Nov 2008

Agree with Quiet life computer is right,friend is wrong.4x265=1060,2gigs would be 2000+.

  Rahere 14:09 27 Nov 2008

DDR is a technology/speed rating not a unit measure of memory. Not sure how your friend calculates 2Gb+!!

RAM comes in set multiples so you have 256MB ram not 265 in each slot. 4x256=1024 which is the equivalent of 1Gb which is what your computer is reporting so everything seems correct.

DDR is a technology/speed rating not a unit measure of memory

  MAJ 14:13 27 Nov 2008

1GB of RAM is 1024MB. You probably have 4 * 256MB modules installed. The 265 is probably 266MHz (PC2100) which is the speed.

  MAJ 14:14 27 Nov 2008

Beat me to it, Rahere.

  Rahere 14:24 27 Nov 2008

Nice post MAJ - I missed the 265/266 angle

  tullie 14:31 27 Nov 2008

And heres me thinking that 4x265=1060,where did i go wrong?

  Rahere 15:14 27 Nov 2008

Probably a typo or maybe a misunderstanding between the two pals originally. The clue was that 265 isn't a valid multiple for RAM it should be 256...!

  J. I. 15:24 27 Nov 2008

Many thanks for all your inputs.I can see my computer is telling the truth, my friend must think ddr (double data) is doubling the memory where in fact as pointed out it is only a speed rating

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