computer too hot

  Astrid 11:31 14 Jul 2009

My computer runs OS Windows XP SP3. During the recent heat wave my computer shut down several times. I recently downloaded AShampoo HDD control software and checked my hard drive. The result were: Health, Very Good: 90%, Performance Excellent 100%, but that the temperature (46 degrees) is too high and that I should provide better cooling for my computer. I can't see that there is anywhere cooler I can practically keep my computer. Someone suggested I clean it in case the fan has gathered dust. I'm nervous about tackling this - or should the operation be relatively easy?

  lotvic 12:17 14 Jul 2009

here's a guide click here

Have you also thought about having a room fan stood near pc. If it is hot then you must be also ;-)

  Stuartli 12:33 14 Jul 2009

Some hints on creating good air flow:

click here

click here

  OTT_Buzzard 12:50 14 Jul 2009

There's really nothing to be nervous about here, well, as far as improving air flow is concerend.
Push as much air as possiblr in at the front and pull it out of the back of the case.

It's worth your time checking why your PC was shutting down. 46c for a hard drive is warm but not necessarily enough to get it to shut the PC down. It's more likely that either your graphics card, processor or motherboard were overheating. Your windows event log may have some info in it.

For your HDD you can get hard drive coolers for around £10 or less. These screw into the fixing holes on your HDD and keep the circuits cool. I use them on my media PC (which is shut in a cupboard) and they keep the HDD temps down by 10c or more.

  ened 13:15 14 Jul 2009

Regarding airflow.

Many pcs have a filter at the front. If you have one take it out and you will be amazed how clogged up it is.

My intel dual core is currently running at 48 and recently has been as high as 52 with no problems.

As OTT_Buzzard 46 is not enough to cause a shut down in normal circumstances.

  Graphicool1 13:33 14 Jul 2009

Having lost at least 2 HDD to heat, I now err on the side of paranoia! My PC internal fan count is now 6.

1 - bottom front, sucks air in.
1 - at the rear, blows air out.
2 - between my two HDD's (blow & suck)
1 - on the CPU sucks
1 - on the PSU sucks

The CPU fan is controlled by a MoBo sensor.
The fan at the rear has it's own sensor. They both speed up or slow down as necessary. Since installing these extra 3 fans, I went from losing a HDD a year, to not losing one in the last two years ago.

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