Computer toast - is 13 really that unlucky?

  Kate B 17:09 04 Jun 2004

It's gone to the doctor but I'd love to hear if anyone has any ideas what might have caused the catastrophic failure of my machine t'other day ...

I was doing a system restore to see if I could right various niggles that have crept in recently (IE refusing to connect to pages, burner failing) when it simply refused to come back up. It rebooted, went through the memory checks and got as far as the Windows XP Pro splash screen, the PCI ADSL modem started clicking to activate the line, then I got a flash of blue screen that went too fast for me to see what it was saying (though on one occasion I caught the words "possibly corrupt"), and rebooted. Same thing, again and again.

I could get into the bios but couldn't boot from the XP CD, nor could I boot into safe mode, just got back into the endless loop. Eventually I turned it off at the power switch.

I've had lots of random shutdowns and restarts ever since the PC was new. My dad reckons it might be the hard drive - he had a PC built by the same person that had the same problems with a Maxtor 80GB HDD - and his failed after 13 months fairly spectacularly, and the second identical new drive put in to replace the dead one did the same thing, went pearshaped at 13 months. Spookily, my HDD is also 13 months old ...

Thank heavens for regular backups - I had astonishingly luckily backed up my Grand Theft Auto Vice City savegames just half an hour before the machine died, so I won't have to re-kill the bad guys when the PC is fixed.

  recap 17:38 04 Jun 2004

I think your dad is right, it does sound like the HD has gone. Good job you did a back up.

  mammak 17:56 04 Jun 2004

Kate B oh no i have got a maxtor 80gb hard drive
11months old' now you have scared the wit's out of me lol Regard's Mammak.
ps. me think's a backup is due.

  Kate B 17:59 04 Jun 2004

Mammack, my dad and I could have been unlucky but you might want to think about that backup ...

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