Computer times out when I try to load it

  Josie670 09:55 05 Jul 2018

My pc is being really strange ever since I came back from my weekend away (I noticed that somehow my CPU fan was just hanging down and not clipped in). Now when I load my computer sometimes it is okay, but often now it keeps going back to a black screen, flashing a dash '-' in the top left and 'a2' '9c' in the bottom right then going back to the msi motherboard screen. I was just playing gta and it has just done it again randomly and now comes onto a recovery screen. Can anyone help please? I only know the very basics of computers...

  wee eddie 11:25 05 Jul 2018

Did you fix the fan back onto your CPU?

  Josie670 12:49 05 Jul 2018

Hi yes I did thanks although I just discovered that the 4 clips were not twisted in properly and also the CPU wire was not inserted fully. Since I've done that the PC has only crashed once so hopefully now I've replugged everything it won't happen again

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