Computer Technology for Dummies.

  frybluff 13:20 05 Feb 2012

Having grown up in an age when, if you wanted to use a computer, you wrote a program and queued for a terminal, I find I'm hopelessly out of date, in terms of modern computing "nuts and bolts". Can anyone suggest a book or website I could use, to get myself "a bit up to speed" in reasonably basic terms. I have been researching a new laptop, but find myself forever running to Wikipaedia, to explain the teminology. I would be a lot happier actually learning the terminology. One can get a definition of terms like, for instance "overclocking",or "BIOS", but actually understanding ....?

  Forum Editor 14:01 05 Feb 2012

You might find some interesting information in our laptop advice section:-

Here it is

  rdave13 15:11 05 Feb 2012

This seems quite a good site for help,

  woodchip 10:08 08 Feb 2012

With a Moden Computer its not much different to what you have just done. You typed a post and started this thread. You do not need to know about the innards unless you are wanting to build your own PC etc

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