Computer taken a turn for the worse

  Bagsey 18:29 04 Aug 2003

Just recently my computer has started to reboot itself with monotonous regularity. I am running XP on an 1800xp machine.
It apears to happen after using programs like MS Publisher etc, in fact it has become almost impossible to use Publisher as it crashes so often. Today I tried to do a disc cleanup on my C drive and this proved to be impossible as it crashed out almost as soon as it started to do the initial check. The error message that I get is as follows.


This is the most regular error message.

Is there anyone out there that can throw light on this for me as I really could do without having to reformat and go through all of the grief of setting up again.

Thanking you for any help.

  Willow12 18:41 04 Aug 2003

A reformat should always be the last option and I suspect that it is more likely to be a memory problem.

First of all check to make sure that it is properly in place by (with the PC disconnected from the power supply) opening up the PC tower and using the side clips to pop the RAM stick out and then reinsert it. If the PC still won't work then click here to test your memory. If it is properly in place and the test shows there to be a problem then it is best to get some from click here as their Memory Selector will help you pick the right memory for your PC. There turn around is very quick and anything ordered tonight you should have by Wednesday.

If you have more than one memory stick then test each one independantly to see which is faulty but remember that there should always be a stick in Rimm 1 on your motherboard so a bit of switching around is required.

Hope this helps.

  ams4127 19:09 04 Aug 2003

Looking at the message you get, it seems to me that maybe your temp folder is full. Try emptying it or moving it's contents to another folder.

Alternatively, go to the MS support site and type the first part of the error themessage into the search box and see what happens.

  Willow12 20:17 04 Aug 2003

I would like to add that apart from the 'Arthur' bit of the error message I had EXACTLY the same problem and message on my PC a couple of months ago. As you will see from my initial reply it was the memory for me and also, I strongly suspect, will be for you to!


  ams4127 22:23 04 Aug 2003

If you go to the MS support site and find Q318023 it describes your error message exactly.

The cause is incorrect drivers for an ATI graphics card. Follow the link for the correct driver.

  ams4127 19:14 05 Aug 2003

At least we tried!!

  Bagsey 20:16 05 Aug 2003

Hi everyone/
Sorry for the delay in replying but I have been out walking on the N.Yorks Moors all and just got back. I will make every effort to look at all of your ideas over the next couple of days and post back with whatever results I get.
Thanks again.

  Bagsey 22:39 19 Aug 2003

Hi everyone. Well the problem has resolved itself, but not in the way I would have wanted.
First I picked up that Msblaster worm. Got this cleared out ok then decided that I needed to defrag. This would not work so started in safe mode.All ok to start with so went to bed and left it to get on with the job. Next morning machine locked up solid. No way can I get it freed up again so eventually had to power down. CRASH now the machine wont boot up at all. tried all of the usual things like swearing at it but no joy. So now waiting for the MESH on site man. Am growing old waiting, now got withdrawal symptoms not having my desktop and this laptop is so small and a rotten speller. Mesh say a new Hdd is needed????.

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