Computer switches itself off

  Ozy 23:03 18 Jun 2006

I built my son an athlon 2000 PC,
With Radion7000 64Mbts graphics,
And a PSU of 400watts, on an Asus board
that runs steady at 47 degrees
the bios is set to switch of at 70 degrees
After a few weeks use,and lots of downloads,
And games installed.
Now when he plays a game or goes on the interet,
After about 5 minues the computer switches itself off.
No amount of pressing the front button will restart it.
The power has to be switched off at the wall,
Then after a pause switched on at the wall and the computer switches itself on.
Fruit Bat /\0/\ sugested it could be the PSU
but surely 400 watts should run simple games
like "harry Potter" any other sugestions?

  josie mayhem 23:23 18 Jun 2006

It may not be the question of how much power the PSU is rated, but it may have developed a problem and not delivering what you think... if it is a new PSU I would take it back and exchange it...

A log shot would to run anti virus, spyware ect.. to see if you have viruses, trogens worms ect.

But I would take fruit/\0/\'s advice and look towards the PSU, the only other thing I can think of (if it isn't the PSU or virus ect) would prehaps take your motherboard back, in the hope that there could be something wrong here, much douted though...

  josie mayhem 23:24 18 Jun 2006

I mean long shot

  rodriguez 23:48 18 Jun 2006

You could have just had a faulty PSU or motherboard. Try replacing the PSU first as it is cheaper and if the problem continues I'd say it was the board. Don't use the computer or leave it plugged into the wall though until you have a replacement and got it working because if the PSU is faulty it could be dangerous to leave it plugged in. We used to get faulty PSU's at work and you'd plug them in and they'd blow just like that with a nice blue spark and a bit of smoke followed by a nasty smell. Half of it was a warehouse environment and if a PSU blew the whole place would soon know about it, so just be careful with it.

  Ozy 23:03 20 Jun 2006

i exchanged the P.S.U. to a new 400mbts
now every thing is fine thanks for your advice

  woodchip 23:16 20 Jun 2006

I would also suggest it's the PSU. That's at fault. you need a heavy one not just 400 watt weight goes with better when it comes to PSU's

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