Computer switches off after seconds

  kinger 19:17 30 Nov 2005

Just working on mother in laws PC.

It keeps switching off, even before it's booted properly.

PC World just put brand new Power supply in it and I just tried it but it's still switching off.

I put a start up disk in but before I can start to format the drive (I'm trying to start afresh) it switches right off again.

Sometimes it goes for a few seconds, sometimes a minute or two before switching off.

It won't switch back on with me pressing the on button for a short time but then it suddenly fires up again.

Anyone help with this, please?

  keewaa 19:22 30 Nov 2005

eh ... take it back to PC world & get yer money back or get it fixed free !

  User-312386 19:50 30 Nov 2005

The PSU is not powerful enough

Take it back and ask them if they checked it after they had installed the PSU

  kinger 19:54 30 Nov 2005

The switching off problem was on it before I took it to PC World.

I assumed, after checking the obvious stuff, like reseating, air blowing fans etc., that it was the Power supply.

I asked PC World to put a new one in, which they did, but after trying it back home the same problem exists.

I hope it's not the board causing an automatic cut out or something. Who knows?

  Al94 20:28 30 Nov 2005

Could be a faulty memory module.

  kinger 20:32 30 Nov 2005

I just checked memory and PC still swithces off.

I disconnected each CD Drive and floppy.

I took out modem PCI board

I disconnected fans (one at a time)

I removed monitor, then mouse and keyboard, still the PC switches off after a couple of minutes.

It won't let me turn back on until it's been lying off for a time.

Looks like it may be overheating on board.

Has anyone had experience of this?

And I wonder if PC World will refund?

  kinger 20:40 30 Nov 2005

When I place two fingers on the side of the processor it is red hot, I can't bare to keep my fingers there.

Now, is this normal?

Does anyone know about running temperatures?

It's an AMD processor, if that's any help/


  User-312386 20:42 30 Nov 2005

Ok if you asked PC world to put a new PSU in, then they are not at fault. You can't get a refund.

Lets get to the bottom of this now.

Have you checked the MOBO power leads are correct and also the fans are spinning on the CPU

  User-312386 20:45 30 Nov 2005

Processor will be hot

Upon restart start tapping the delete key and under PC HEALTH status in the BIOS see what the CPU and MOBO temperatures are

  woodchip 20:46 30 Nov 2005

Also check the CPU fan is working OK. Take the Side of the computer to see if it will keep running. Computers should have lots of space round them not put in little cubby holes

  keewaa 20:57 30 Nov 2005

""madboy33©® Wed, 30/11/[email protected]:42
Ok if you asked PC world to put a new PSU in, then they are not at fault. You can't get a refund.""

If I took my computer to PC world and asked them to put in a new power supply and it came back doing this, I would assume whatever they have done has caused this, or they haven't installed the PSU properly.

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