Computer stutters when gaming, cpu spikes to 100%

  uiga 07:27 08 Dec 2015

Hello, so usually when I game, it randomly spikes and stutters in game, just for a second. I've cleaned it properly and installed older graphics driver etc.

Specs: I5-4960k

Gtx 960 4gb

Windows 8.1

HyperX ssd

Gigabyte motherboard(could grt the exact name if needed)

  Terry Brown 10:27 08 Dec 2015

Have a look at the schedule to see if any programs are checking / Updating. This also applies to your Anti-virus program.If you are not using the Internet to play games-turn it off. If you are using the Internet for the game, it may be due to a slow connection or downloading other materials (i.e Email) at the same time You may have other programs running in the background (Autostart on Boot-up), which could be causing the problem

I would always use the latest graphic drivers for your machine, unless you have a reason not to, or it may be that your system is not powerful enough to play the games you want, in that case- Christmas is coming- Drop a few (HEAVY) hints


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