Computer still freezing.....Now what do I do..

  lixdexik 19:13 22 Aug 2005

Having rebuilt a computer on a new motherboard, (thinking that the mobo was the cause of freezing problems) I now find that nothing has changed and the thing is still unstable…

I have taken Diemmess advice from my other thread on this problem click here put together a basic machine.

What I have done to date is. Bought a new MOBO (ASUS A7V600-X) and downloaded the newest 4 in 1 drivers I could find on the website.

Onto the MOBO I have installed an Athlon xp1600+ processor.

I have also installed one new 512Mb ddr ram card.

One 40gig Samsung spinpoint HDD udma133 ( not the original from the other freezing machine, but one that has been used before without any problem).

One AGP 8x Radeon Peak 9250 with 128mb ddr.

A new fresh install of win xp with sp2.

Other software installed so far is NERO 6. office 2000. publisher 97. photoshop elements 2 ( as yet I have no pictures on this HDD)

So nothing fancy yet, just a basic setup. It does seem to stall more often when windows media player is running, even when that is all that is running.
I get the message that windows has detected a fault and shut down to protect my machine. It then suggests that I check memory options in the BIOS and disable options such as Caching & Shadowing… I have looked in the BIOS and can not find any reference to memory options, even in the advanced options. The only mentions that memory gets is for the installed memory of 512Mb. And the CPU level 1&2 cache that is enabled.

So where do I go from here?

What about updating the BIOS? Is that a sensible thing to do, or am I more likely to dig myself into a deeper hole? I do have the latest bios download, but have not had the courage to go for it. Like I say where do I go from here.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  Forum Editor 19:18 22 Aug 2005

Go into it, and select the option to load the fail-safe defaults.

Then uninstall all the software except Office 2000.

Restart the machine, and if Windows loads without a hitch, create a restore point.

See how it is then, and we'll go from there.

  PC Bilbo 19:28 22 Aug 2005

Forum Ed is giving good advice.If you have this kind of prob run with minimum hardware to boot Windows.

If this resolves matters, add one item at a time so you can isolate the problem.Always create a new restore point before adding new software/hardware if you're running XP.

  PC Bilbo 19:41 22 Aug 2005

Sorry forgot to ask if your Nero 6 came free with burner and if you also loaded optional "In CD". If you did there is a known issue that conflicts with XP
SP2 and causes crashes as I found out!

You can update here click here

  woodchip 19:48 22 Aug 2005

FE as just read My thoughts you should check, give time after each install of software, for fault to develope. If you can create a Image between loading programs. So you have something to go back to

  lixdexik 19:54 22 Aug 2005

I'll do as the FE says first and see what happens.

PC Bilbo..It's a full version of Nero bought & paid for. and yes I have loaded "in CD" thanks for the warning.
I have got to go out now look and at a job, so I'll get back to you all asap.

Regards Lixdexik.

  User-312386 20:03 22 Aug 2005

What PSU have you installed (as in power)

  lixdexik 21:34 22 Aug 2005

Just got back in.

The PSU is a "COLORS" 400w Silent Power..model 330U-SNE. It came with the box .the box is a "colors" Model ATX-L8010. I just Bought it last week with the MOBO.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  User-312386 21:39 22 Aug 2005

seems ok, however, could you give us the rail readings please

they are on the side of the PSU

they read +3.3v etc etc

i am looking from you for the wattage underneath

  User-312386 21:40 22 Aug 2005

sorry meant the AMPS (A)

  lixdexik 22:00 22 Aug 2005

Ok Here Is What It Says.

Dc Out Put +12v. +5V. +3.3V +5VSB. -12v. -5v.

MAX........ 17A ..18A..16A...2A.... 0.5A ..0.5A

It also says it's a ATX12V Version 1.3.

Hows That madboy33©®.

Cheers Lixdexik.

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