Computer Starts but Monitor remains / Black screen

  leandro19v 17:07 16 Jan 2019

6 days ago my pc has had a problem, which prevents it from starting.

It all started on Friday when after using the pc in the morning I went to lunch and returned to the pc, but there was an error, but then restart the pc and everything was fine, after 5 hours , the screen began to appear some random color pixels on the whole screen, soon after I turned the pc off and on again, then appeared the same error of the lunch hour, now everytime i start the pc appears this black screen with a the error saying ''HDMI without input signal''

These last days I have done several things that could help to start the pc, like passing rubber in the connections of the ram memories and graphic card it could be contact problems but nothing, I tried to connect the pc without the graphic card nothing, I tried to take the battery and then the jumper of the motherboard nothing, I changed 7x cables of hdmi nothing ...

i forgot to say that in this last weeks my pc start having strange noises and stuttering problem but it was very rare , the stuttering was mostly when playing games but rarely , the strange noise always stopped when i put my hand on the computer box..

And this HDMI message appeared 1 year ago when i buyed the pc and monitor , but then it was solved i dont remember how , i think i switched the hdmi cable...

The message says ''HDMI without input signal'' for 3 seconds and then becomes black screen forever...

If someone wants the specs or a print of the error i can give.

(Sry my english is not great)

Thank You

  difarn 17:19 16 Jan 2019

Have you tried another monitor? The random colour pixels on the whole screen may indicate that it is a monitor problem.

Your English is fine.

  leandro19v 17:22 16 Jan 2019

Yes i've tried with a vga monitor but still as the same black screen problem... Thank you , i used google translate xdd

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