computer starts up of its own accord

  v8 17:46 08 Feb 2004

my daughter's computer has recently begun starting up and shutting down of its own accord with no apparent reason why. it is running windows 98 so the viruses that affect ntfs systems aren't to blame (it is also not connected to the internet and hasn't had files transferred by floppy). i have run virus scans and changed the cmos battery and the hard drive all with no effect, so i presume it is not a software problem; although when i changed the hard drive an error message about the acpi sleep button appeared. when i put the original hard drive back, i tried disabling the acpi sleep button in device manager then refreshing and i reloaded a corrupt file found by sfc, which seemed to work for a while, but the fault reoccurred after a few days. my next line of attack is to upgrade the bios (basically as i can't think of anything else, and the technicians at work can't suggest anything - although someone who thinks he knows about computers suggested it may be a faulty memory problem) but i dont know if this is the best course of action, or whether it will cure the problem. it also puzzles me as to why this problem should just start for no apparent reason. any help would be gratefully received; thanks for your time.

  Diemmess 17:54 08 Feb 2004

Have a look in Start> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Task Scheduler.

You should see a list of what is scheduled to run and regardless of the "net" it should be possible to delete or set to "never" whatever seems to be running.

  Gongoozler 17:57 08 Feb 2004

Hi v8. The problem is unlikely to be connected wih anything you can change in Windows. It could, however be something in BIOS or the hardware links on the motherboard. You don't say what motherboard you have, so I can't be specific, but in BIOS you may have the options under Power Management to choose what situations can be used to wake up the computer. These can include, in addition to the power switch, a modem signal, a keyboard button press, a mouse movement or something else.

  hugh-265156 18:02 08 Feb 2004

check you have not set the mouse to wake the computer from standby and that wake on ring etc is not set in your bios otherwise the phone ringing may wake the computer.

  v8 19:17 08 Feb 2004

thanks for all the replies - much appreciated.
i've deleted all the scheduled tasks, so will have to wait to see if that has an effect. the motherboard appears to be an ecs k7sem (i say appears to be as i can find no markings on the top of the board, and short of taking it out to see if there is anything written underneath, working off the bios details gained using "bios agent" (amibios, id 62-0913-001131-00101111-071595-SiS730S-M810LR; release 09/13/2002 S) etc i found the ecs k7sem instruction manual on the web and the form and placement of components matches the diagram in this manual (the processor is a 1300 duron, with 256mb ram). having gone into the bios, there are no options to alter any wake situations that might occur (mouse, keyboard, phone etc) so unless there is another way to access these, then i can't alter them.
again, thanks for the ideas so far.

  hugh-265156 19:35 08 Feb 2004

look in the power management menu in your bios.options should be there somewhere for "ring on power on" set to disable.

  slimbo51 19:36 08 Feb 2004

The M/board is a Pc Chips M810LR.
Their can be found using Google search, alot of info regarding this board.

  hugh-265156 19:38 08 Feb 2004

click here see power management set up about half way down page.chapter 3.

  R4 19:40 08 Feb 2004

If you dowload Aida from here :--click here

you can get all the mobo & bios info you need.

  v8 12:47 09 Feb 2004

thanks to all - haven't had time to try everything yet, but you've given me a load of useful info as a starting point - if i still don't sort it, to quote arnie "i'll be back!" thanks again

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