Computer Starts Eventually

  STREETWORK 20:59 23 Oct 2003

I have an older PC (Gateway P266) which takes ages to boot. Symptoms are, when powering up the screen reports to check cables, etc, no signal is being recieved. If left for about 2-3 hours it sparks into life as if warming up. This has only happened since the very hot spell we had recently and could be something to do with it. Any ideas welcome...

  DieSse 22:36 23 Oct 2003

Probably a faulty monitor. Try putting another monitor on your system - and/or try your monitor on another system - lert us know what happens.

  STREETWORK 06:43 24 Oct 2003

I thought of that but no go it is the same.

  STREETWORK 07:27 24 Oct 2003

Is it just possible that there is a connection somewhere which expands to make a contact through the heat generated whilst the PC is "warming up". if this may be the case where should i be looking?

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