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  ackpal 21:28 01 May 2003

I'm not sure this is the right forum to ask this question, but I have an assignment on computer specs
A budget machine for a small office
A network of 200PCs for a college
I have to specify a suitable machine(s) for each and detail an explanation of choices in terms of cost, capabilities, performance and upgrade path.

I can specify a budget machine but no idea for the network or how to write the explanation.

Can anyone help?

  LastChip 22:12 01 May 2003

This is a loaded question I am afraid.

Before you can sensibly specify a network machine, you need to know what the machine will be used for.

For example, a network machine being primarily used for office duties, word processing and the occasional spreadsheet or data base, can clearly be a lower specification, than one used on a network for CAD/CAM!

However, you have been told that it is for a college, so would it be fair to assume, some graphics, a fair amount of internet research(?), normal word processing and general office duties perhaps? Maybe you are in a better position to know the use than me, if your assignment is college based!

You also have to keep in mind, the budget that a college may be able to afford, and therefore, inevitably, there will be a compromise, between what may be ideal, and what is an affordable option.

Personally, I think you would be looking at a mid priced machine, with a good performance level, but not at the power user end of the spectrum.

The upgrade path (in my view), is a red herring. Computer's specifications change so fast now, that upgrades will not be an issue. Most organizations that need to upgrade, will plan about a three year cycle.

It will be interesting to see, what others feel on the subject.

Good luck.

  eccomputers 22:54 01 May 2003

I totally agree. I reckon a machine for around £550 + Vat will suffice.
If the college wants a network, 200 users is quite high and so they want to use a server?
You will also have to REALLY think about security/virus protection if emails/internet is to be used. Imagine 200 computers on the internet at once through a 512k broadband connection, you will need quite a bandwidth. If I know students, they will be downloading stuff left right and centre.
I would seriously reduce the rights on the machines so the settings cannot be tampered with. I wouldnt mind a maintenance contract with the college, it would be a full time job LOL

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