Computer Speaker Recommendations Please.

  Big L 266 09:01 23 Jun 2010


My poor old Philips slimline speakers have gone to that great speaker heaven in the sky.Just to make sure,I ran my hi-fi and headset through the same soundcard output and they both work fine.

Would you mind recommending a pair of small slim speakers capable of a reasonable quality of sound suitable for radio and music listening please?The space either side of my screen where they would have to sit is very limited to around 3" of width maximum!

All suggestions and recommendations would be most welcomed. Thank you very much for your kind help.

Big L 266

  gengiscant 09:10 23 Jun 2010

I use these as they have the ability to take an iPod/mp3 player. I do a lot of gaming and these speakers are above and behind my monitor and the sound is great.
So I would definitely recommend here

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