Computer shutting down

  muffin1947 21:12 20 Jun 2007

My computer has suddenly decided to start shutting down and then restarting itself.This even happens when I am sitting at the computer sending emails or surfing the web.It is happening on a regular basis.I use AVG,Ad-Aware,Spybot and Sygate and they all have the latest updates.Can anyone help or advise.

  tobyb121 21:34 20 Jun 2007

First of all, are you using a desktop or a laptop. When it shuts down, does it go through the shutdown process, or does it just switch of suddenly. If you find it just shuts down sudenly, this would imply that there is something wrong with the hardware, as apose to a software fault which would usually shut the computer down more slowly. You may want to look at a few articles I found searching around in the forums...
click here
click here
click here
just a bit of reding to get you started, you should obviously uninstall any new hardware or software as this could be causing the poblem.
good luck tobyb

  Terry Brown 21:34 20 Jun 2007

Are you working in an enclosed area, as overheating can cause that problem.
You can also (if you feel confident), remove the cover(s) and check the CPU fan for dust as these tend to clog up, personally when I do mine ,I unscrew the fan from the cooling unit and use a cocktail stick to remove the dust, you can alse get a can of air to blow out the dust but that goes all over the place inside the machine.

  Mark3Eric 21:38 20 Jun 2007

Hi, just wondering whether it may be an overheating issue. Are you using the computer in an enclosed space? are the fans working properly?
I suffered from an overheat problem once due to poor maintenance. The fans and the iside of the machine were somewhat bogged down with dust!

Anyway, just athought, goodluck

  Mark3Eric 21:40 20 Jun 2007

Hey Terry, that's scary, same thinking but guess I'm slower at typing than you!

  muffin1947 21:59 20 Jun 2007

Hi Toby 121 I amusing a desktop and it shuts down as it would if I clicked on turn off computer and it then goes through the restart process.

  p;3 22:35 20 Jun 2007

try running

click here

but are you sure you have not programed the comp to do a restart?

when did all this start? have you a clean restore point prior to that?

  tobyb121 09:54 21 Jun 2007

You may have a fualty power unit, yuo might want to get your computer checked by someone.

  Terry Brown 10:16 21 Jun 2007


You know what the say about great minds !!

  birdface 13:34 21 Jun 2007

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