Computer Shuts down with a siren noise

  Txerra 20:24 09 Aug 2003

Hi guys,
Here I am again(please see click here
, I am afraid I do not know hot to create a link).

I have some kind of new/old problem with my computer. I has started again to switch itself off and making that hell of siren noise. I should point out that when the siren goes off the PSU keeps working, however the chip fan stops.

Similarly, I am checking the temperature at the minute and it is only 47C and the CPU fan is at 5000 RPM.

The computer hadn't shown this behaviour since my last postings after replacing the sticky CPU fan. It has been doing it for the last two days. Also, I should mention that it does it within 15 minutes of booting up.

In the hope someone can throw some light into this issue.

My proccesor is a Celeron 550(an old Celeron) and is running windows XP

  hillybilly 21:21 09 Aug 2003

Followed your link an read all your previous posts. Hate to say it but I'm sure your cpu fan is on the way out again! You seem to be very unlucky when it comes to cooling ie: three PSU's in 4 years and ithis chip fan is only a matter of a few weeks old! Where are using this machine and what temp do you have in its envirioment?

  daba 23:03 09 Aug 2003

What temperature is your BIOS set to do the shut-down ?

It could be set low for your chip, and really all that is happening is the PC is protecting itself too early

  Txerra 23:05 09 Aug 2003

Hello hillybilly,

Thanks for your reply. This is my home computer. The environment temperature is about 30C or more because we are in Cambridge where is baking hot at the minute.

I think the CPU fan is all right since i switched it on and check the BIOS till it went off again. During this time the temperature did not go beyond 50C and when the computer shut down the fans kept on working.

Any suggestions??


  Txerra 23:12 09 Aug 2003

The temperatre for the chip is 70C and it does not seem to go over 50 and odd C so that's why i am a bit confused.
Read you soon

  daba 23:18 09 Aug 2003

When you say "The temperature for the chip....", is this what the spec says, or is this what the BIOS shutdown temp. is set to ?

  Txerra 09:52 10 Aug 2003

The BIOS temperature is set up to shut down at 70C. and it does not go over 50C when shuts down. I was checking it fom the BIOS ...

  DieSse 13:51 10 Aug 2003

The "siren" and shut down can be caused by any of the following

Over temperature

Fan failure

Out of specification DC voltage.

If you're sure the temperature is OK - and the fans are all going - then your new PSU must be playing up, I suppose. It happens, unfortunately.

  Txerra 22:58 19 Sep 2003

I DO NOT really know how but it does not do it anymore I think it happend because it was very hot on those days and the fan couldn't cope.
Thanks for all your advises.


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