Computer shutdown after changing CPU

  [DELETED] 14:50 15 May 2006

Intending to upgrade from W98SE to XP on a computer which gets little use I decided to change the CPU for a better one which I have. After changing the Athlon A1200AMS3C for an AX 1600DMT3C in a Chaintech motherboard which supports both products the machine boots up OK but shuts down after about 3 minutes. Both power on and hard drive LEDs remain on but nothing appears to be running. And the machine can only be turned off at the plug. I used thermal paste between the heatsink and the chip so I am inclined to think the problem is not temperature related. Come to think about it, the BIOS was reporting a chip temperature of 47°C after three minutes. Can anyone help? Thanks.

  [DELETED] 16:51 15 May 2006

Although the BIOS suggests that there isn't a temperature problem, I still suspect that there is. Try downloading and installing MBM5 click here so that you can monitor the temperature while the processor is doing real work.
Also - you said that you used thermal paste between the chip and the heatsink, which is a good thing to do, but did you make sure that the surfaces were ABSOLUTELY clean befor you did so. I once burnt out a Duron by leaving a speck of dried out compound on it when I fitted a new heatsink.

  [DELETED] 14:56 22 May 2006

Matter resolved, was caused either by carelessness or bad eyesight! Or a combination.

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