computer showing message of LOW RESOURCES

  heribierto 11:11 08 Apr 2004

My Dell computer has plenty of disk space but recently I have been getting a white box displayed which says that my computer is dangerously low on resources.
How can I give the system more resources or adjust my system so that this message is unnecessary.
In spite of the message the only way to work again is to switch off and start up again.

  118-118 Got Your Number 11:36 08 Apr 2004

This kind of message is always ambiguous.

How much memory do you have? Do you have lots of software loading when you switch on? What OS are you running on? Do you have AV/Firewall installed?

To me it sounds as though there is too much running in the background and you don't have enough memory.

You can increase the Cache limit but I can't remember how to do it at the moment.


  Diemmess 14:39 08 Apr 2004

There are some applications which hog RAM, and are reluctant to release it when no longer needed.
My experience of these is nearly always when dealing with gi-normous chunks of data while 'in hot pursuit of perfection' in colour or .wav editing.

It is a cowards way out, but if I sense things are getting sluggish or fragile, I save, shut down and reboot before the (usually fatal) announcement which leads to a real mess.

Like 118 118, it is worthwhile closing everything else possible, if you are getting into a memory intensive situation

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