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  HardChikn 21:43 30 Apr 2003

Hello folks, i'm about to open up a Computer Shop in my local area. A lot of repairs, overhauls, upgrades, general trouble shooting and maintenance. There are plans to build customs machines to order as well. Now what i am requesting from y'all who are in this line or have had some experience is advise and suggestions. Pros, cons, pitfalls, snags, the lot. Bring it on! I won't be put off... too late for that now..!


  wee eddie 21:49 30 Apr 2003

Oh and Site.

good luck.

You do not really need a High street site but you will need space for customers to leave their car while they deliver their precious bundles

  HardChikn 22:49 30 Apr 2003

Thanks wee eddie. More comments please.!!!!

  AMD 4 ever 22:52 30 Apr 2003

Where are you based? and o you have any regular customers now?. Buy only quality components!

  Jomi 23:00 30 Apr 2003

clearly mark stuff with the price, it's a pain having to ask.

  pj123 23:08 30 Apr 2003

I do exactly what you are planning to do and the biggest "pitfall" or "snag" I have found are the: "you touched it last, brigade". You know the sort of thing. You repair or upgrade their computer, they pick it and a couple of days later they are back with a problem, (nothing to do with the repair or upgrade) but it's your fault cos you touched it last. Make sure you demonstrate the computer is working before they take it away. And try and show on the invoice that they are satisfied and have seen it working, and they sign for it.

  woodchip 23:14 30 Apr 2003

Do not keep lots of stock as these are superceded quickly, and prices come down. Try to specialize so you become more familiar with your goods and customers

  bobbyc 23:33 30 Apr 2003

keep loads of them it brings loads of custom
ink cd's lables printer paper card etc etc

  woodchip 23:47 30 Apr 2003

As I said above I worked for self about 30 years. Keep stock low and keep it moving stock is money tied up. Unless you can get a joblot realy cheap like another shop gone bust

  Kernal1873 00:16 01 May 2003

My pet hate about the local PC Shop is that they have no web site. I am not takling about on-line ordering but a upto date price list for download would be great.

  User-312386 00:20 01 May 2003

as others have said

make sure all the items in the windows are priced as people are put off if there are no prices and sometimes embarrassed to ask

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