Computer shield firewall

  daidash 21:31 04 Aug 2004

Purchased the above online a few weeks ago because some worm virus was in my Pc and told this was only way to eliminate this now I cannot get on internet unless I shutdown the computer shield can you please help prior to this I always used Norton Anti virus.

  Cuddles 21:39 04 Aug 2004

There should be some form of access control that needs authorising to allow internet access.

  stalion 21:40 04 Aug 2004

ask for help on here first in future could save you a lot of hassle.If you have a seperate firewall,uninstall the one you have purchased if it causing problems.There are others that are good and free.Run a virus check with this click here
Also what is your os

  VoG II 21:44 04 Aug 2004

I would remove Computer Shield (I think you may have been conned) and install Zone Alarm (free) click here

If you have ditched Norton, try AVG (free) click here

  daidash 21:54 04 Aug 2004

Thanks for your response only found this by chance yesterday what do you mean by my os i am downloading mway.exe so thank you again do you think i should uninstall computer shield

  VoG II 22:02 04 Aug 2004

OS = Operating System = version of Windows.

What is myway.exe and why are you downloading it?

You do not need to pay for malware removal programs - are you responding to pop-up ads?

  daidash 22:10 04 Aug 2004

vog i am responding to a free A.V. site that stallion posted and using xp. When i purchased computer shield all i had was your P.C. is infected by worm virus and computer shield firewall will clear it after about an hour trying to get on my P.C. gave in and bought it

  VoG II 22:17 04 Aug 2004

I'm sorry but you've been conned. Please do as above.

  stalion 22:18 04 Aug 2004

if you need some free protection programs let us know ok

  stalion 22:26 04 Aug 2004

Hi, the program I have posted is very good for finding and rectifying virus,trojan etc problems same as a2. Regards

  Belatucadrus 23:34 04 Aug 2004

VoG™ ,mwav.exe is the Microworld anti virus toolkit, it's a stand alone virus scanner similar to stinger only much more comprehensive in what it looks for. Bigish download as it doesn't update incrementally but a usefull tool as a backup to a full AV package.

daidash, I find this "Computer Shield Firewall" and their marketing tactics intriguing, could you post a link to their website ?

just copy and paste it in the message box, the forum will handle the rest automatically.

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