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  MMN DESIGN 01:10 19 Aug 2005

Upon system boot-up I have the following programs within my taskbar:

Trojan Hunter Guard;
Spyware Guard;
Norton Internet Security 2005; and
Spybot S&D Resident Tea-Timer.

Does anybody have any reccommendations with regards to the integrity and stability of all the programs running?? Conflicts, Crashes, etc.

So far I have noticed that when I ran system mechanic, and checked the start-up folder I made a change to a program start-up, obviously creating a registry change which immediately evoked a response from spybot and ad-watch.

Will these two programs contradict each other, or conflict??

Thank-you all so very much for your previous responses regarding Spyware.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:48 19 Aug 2005

IMHO you have far too many 'protection' programmes running but the ones that you have should not cause any conflict. I would only use AVG (or any free AV), MS Antispy and errrrmmm.... that's all. I would suggest a firewall such as Sygate (also free) although I have not used one for 3 years. A bit of common sense will help as no amount of protection will stop a file that the computer owner has executed, albeit innocently.

I cannot see any advantage in home users paying for any of the so-called protection programmes and there is an awful lot of hype and nonsense talked about computer security.


  Diodorus Siculus 07:55 19 Aug 2005

I think that you are more than adequately covered... that, and a little caution when on the net, and you will be ok.

  MMN DESIGN 22:36 19 Aug 2005

Thank-you both very much. Have a wonderful weekend.

  MMN DESIGN 23:09 19 Aug 2005

is adwatch from lavasoft the same as the spybot sd-resident??
Can somebody please explain the difference between the two? I have had lavasoft for about 2 years and was recently advised of also installing spybot sd resident tea-timer. I just did this yesterday. Everything seems to be great.


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