computer screwdriver set

  tonyq 16:20 26 Jan 2010

Although I do not do a lot of fiddling around with computer parts, I have recently removed a HDD and CD/DVD drive from a old laptop to place in enclosures. I managed with the small screwdrivers that I had in my possession until I came to removing the bracket from the back of the cd/dvd dive so that I could place it in the caddy, and found that nothing I had would fit the 2 small screws that held the bracket on.Trying to use the wrong type will only make things worse. My question is are all computer screws the same type e.g. Posidrive, Philips, Torx ect and can you recomnend a screwdriver set that will cover what I may need.

  howard64 16:50 26 Jan 2010

I bought a set of 2 screwdrivers from qvc which had interchangeable bits. They came in 2 sizes normal and very small. They also have the advantage of a flexible shaft if you need to get into awkward places. The screws on most caddies are normally philips type and any multibit set should do.

  shellship 17:15 26 Jan 2010

Try a set of jeweller's screwdrivers. My wife has had a set for years and they are invaluable.

  Diemmess 18:08 26 Jan 2010

Over the years I have accumulated a huge drawer full of every sort of screwdriver, some bought and some inherited.

Mercifully in my experience one decent Stanley Xpoint with a shaft diameter of 5mm seems to tackle everything inside my PC from case screws to fans and HD fixings

When I venture into tiger country like the minute screws that hold the scenery together in a HD case, then either the tiny Xpoint often supplied, or one of those smaller drivers you buy as a set of 'watchmakers screwdrivers' for very little on a market stall.

I think that a tiny torx driver was needed when I decided to take an old HD appart, just to see for myself its mechanicl beauty.

  wiz-king 18:20 26 Jan 2010

Depends on the age of the bits - most used to be Phillips but these have been superseded by Posidrive. If it is safety critical (mains power blocks) then you may Torx or some other type.

  tonyq 18:57 26 Jan 2010

picture of the 2 screws in question.
click here

  howard64 19:01 26 Jan 2010

they look like standard philips to be obviously the size is uncertain.

  chub_tor 19:12 26 Jan 2010

This might give you a guide click here

  chub_tor 19:13 26 Jan 2010

Sorry a quicker link is click here

  I am Spartacus 19:21 26 Jan 2010

This Rolson set is perfect for dismantling stuff with torx screws (hard drives) click here

I also use jewellers screwdrivers and a good quality crosshead screwdriver.

  BRYNIT 19:34 26 Jan 2010

It's difficult to see from the picture but it looks like this screw has a centre pin preventing a standard philips screwdriver from working.

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