Computer running slowly

  dawnal 09:42 28 Feb 2006

I have a HP Pavillion 7925 computer running Windows XP home. Recently it has been running extremely slowly. Everything takes ages to load. Even folders such as My Computer, which used to open immediately, can take up to forty seconds to populate.

Can anyone tell me how tofix this and get it back to normal.


  Strawballs 09:50 28 Feb 2006

click here
If you are not using any anti spyware programs download and run a program such as the one in the link there are plenty of others just put antispyware in google.
then when that is done download and run this click here to clean out the registry of unwanted entries again this is just 1 of many other people will recomend others.

  gudgulf 09:58 28 Feb 2006

Download and run CCleaner click here

Use the Issues function in CCleaner too (fix all that it finds)

Check you have plenty of space left on your hard drive.If not you need to uninstall uneeded programs or delete some data.

Defragment the drive.

Open Task Manager by rt clicking the Taskbar and selecting it from the popup menu.In the Processes tab see how many running processes are listed.

Also look at the Commit Charge value....this is the amount of memory being used.If this value is significantly larger than the amount of RAM memory you have you might need to consider adding some more.

  dawnal 10:02 28 Feb 2006

Thanks for the reply Strawballs. I have got anti spyware programs loaded. I've got Adaware, A squared, Spybot and Microsoft, which I update and run regularly. I also have C Cleaner, AVG and Zone Alarm.

I tried the automatic registry clean on Reg Cleaner, I was a bit wary of the other bits. It didn't come up with anything, however.

Have you any other suggestions?


  Strawballs 10:05 28 Feb 2006

gudgulf has come up with some very good ones try them

  dawnal 10:08 28 Feb 2006

Thanks gudgulf. I've looked at the Commit Charge value. It says, Total-177448, Limit-876824 and Peak-200452. I really have no idea what this means. Can you enlighten me please?


  gudgulf 10:22 28 Feb 2006


Total--- is the current amount of memory used.It is the sum of the RAM and Virtual memory in use......yours is at 177.5 Mb approx.

Limit--- is the sum of the amount of RAM you have and the maximum size of the Virtual memory.

Peak--- is the maximum amount of memory you have used.Yours is 200.5 Mb approx.

Virtual memory is just a term for extra memory over and above the amount of RAM memory you have fitted.Vitual memory is stored on the hard drive and is much much slower than RAM memory.

How much RAM memory is fitted in your pc?

  dawnal 10:41 28 Feb 2006

I have 384Mb. The most I can have is 512, it says in the instructions. I could get that bit more. Is it worth it?


  gudgulf 11:00 28 Feb 2006

Looking at the memory usage you gave you have plenty of RAM already.......things only slow down a lot when programs are needing to make extensive use of the Virtual memory.

You are using just over half of your RAM so everything is running within the fast RAM memory.

If you are Malware free and fully defragmented etc then it is down to the programs you have running.

Things which monitor the system can cause slowdowns.....such a AV on access scanners checking every file that opens.It takes time and cpu power so slows things down.

Try disabling (temporarily) AVG and Microsoft's antispyware program and see if that speeds things up.

It might be a good idea to look through your startup prgrams to see if there is anything running that might be using a lot of cpu time.

Task Manager again is a good place to start...see if anything on the processe list is using the cpu a lot (ignore system idle process--that is supposed to read high).

Also use Spybot S&D....Open it, switch to the advanced mode and select the Tools menu.Double click on system startup and you will get a list of all the programs that start with windows.Make sure the sidebar is open at the right of the screen....if you click on an entry you will see information about the program you click on.

Run through the list to make sure you know what is anything you don't recognise on here.

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