computer running slow

  snoopygirl 09:52 25 Sep 2007

i installed fire fox yesterday this morning computer is running very slow can any one help thanks

  bluto1 21:30 25 Sep 2007

I don't know about Firefox, I don't use it.
What OS, RAM etc have you got?
Have you tried deleting cookies and temporary files? (start>control panel>internet options and click on Delete Cookies and Delete Temp. Files in turn). Then run cCleaner click here

  snoopygirl 21:35 25 Sep 2007

1g ram xp windows i have deleted cookies and temp files what broser do you use bluto1

  pj1664 21:41 25 Sep 2007

Check your star-up prog, you may have downloaded something else with firefox that is starting up in the back ground and slowing your computer down, also do you have a anti spyware on your system? if you have, run it might catch the culprit.

  exodus 21:42 25 Sep 2007

Hi, is it running slow immediately after booting up?
If so, does Task Manager show anything unusual running on the Application and Processes tab and utilising the CPU.
To open Task Manager, right click Task Bar and select Task Manager.

It is unlikely that Firefox is causing the problem.


  snoopygirl 21:45 25 Sep 2007

hi exodus it looks ok i have deleted fire fox it as made the computer a bit better

  snoopygirl 21:46 25 Sep 2007

i have done a spyware check no problems there and on start up it seems ok i think

  exodus 21:48 25 Sep 2007

Hi, if still running slow, try a system restore point to a date prior to the problem.


  snoopygirl 21:51 25 Sep 2007

done that exodus

  bluto1 21:55 25 Sep 2007

I use Google. Others may be better but I'm happy enough. pj1664 and exodus have come up with a frw things to check, so I hope they work. It will help to run your anti spyware and even anti virus as pj suggests. You've waited long enough for the help but it finally came,

  snoopygirl 21:58 25 Sep 2007

hi bluto i have tryed every think i have gone back to internet exployer plus that as google but still slow but not as bad as firefox

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