Computer Rodents - just a thought

  Bodi 10:29 03 Aug 2003

I know that you can get interchangeable covers for mobile phones - er I don't suppose anyone makes something similar for the humble mouse?

Just an idea.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:56 03 Aug 2003

Google is your here


  Forum Editor 11:04 03 Aug 2003

who had painstakingly covered her iMac's mouse with artificial fur. It was an interesting tactile experience to put it mildly, and not something that I felt would catch on.

  bab5 11:21 03 Aug 2003


PCworld sells packard bell optical mice that come with 3 clip on overs for about £10, works fine ;-)


  Bodi 12:43 03 Aug 2003

FE: Was thinking of a DIY job myself - but baulked at the thought of all the buttons on my mouse - 5 with the central button/scroll. Like the idea of a furry rodent though.

Gandalf: Thanks for the link.

Want a cover for my present mouse - it's a bit tatty after my skin was scraped off it, lol. Thanks will look at all - if one is suitable might be tempted - if not, there must be some ideas out there.


  Bodi 12:49 03 Aug 2003

Sorry about this - I know this is a serious forum, but had a sudden picture of a furry computer rodent with - er fleas! - Do you think they would be the "Cyber" kind - and would ordinary flea powder do the job?


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