Computer restored, now k.b and mouse not working

  lucemark 18:37 20 Jun 2017

Please help. I have an old Dell Desktop that i use for browsing and streaming. I recently hard an error and from browsing the Web i decided that a full restore was required. I have completed the full restore, which seems to have been successful, but i am now stuck on the "Hi There" screen where you need to fill in your country, what type of keyboard set you want etc. My problem is, in this screen, my mouse or keyboard will not work, I have tried 3 different keyboards and none of them will function, in order for me to get past the set up screen. They will work in the BIOS and i have looked at all the settings in there to see if i can force power to the USB's etc, but nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas? It has been suggested to try an old style keyboard mouse, (The round connections) but i do not have that option on the computer. Can anyone help please? I begining to think that the computer may be fit for the bin.

Many Thanks Mark

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:09 20 Jun 2017

In BIOS you need to find the option for USB legacy for DOS enable it then save and exit (f10)

  lucemark 19:21 20 Jun 2017

Hi Thanks for your reply, any idea where i might find that in the BIOS, i have searched and cant seem to find it anywhere?

  lucemark 21:01 20 Jun 2017

I'm still not getting anywhere with this. I have searched and searched the BIOS and not found any legacy settings. Is there a utility that i can download onto USB stick that will some way force the USB's to work / recognize the keyboard or mouse? Thanks in advance Mark

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:15 20 Jun 2017
  lucemark 21:22 20 Jun 2017

Thanks Fruit Bat. My BIOS does not look like that, all the options are down the left hand side and i cannot see an option to get into the advanced settings, which would then let me do what you are suggesting?

  lotvic 23:05 20 Jun 2017

Can you post details of the bios version, the Dell model, and the OS ?

  lucemark 10:33 21 Jun 2017

Hi Lotvic

It is a Dell Optiplex 360

BIOS Revision A01

Running Windows 10 (Upgraded from 8.1)

Many thanks in advance Mark

  lucemark 14:01 21 Jun 2017

Wow what

  Jollyjohn 15:50 21 Jun 2017

Possibly wow that you have got W10 running on such old hardware, it was supplied with Vista! I assume the keyboard and mouse worked on W10 before the restore.

Can only suggest going back a version, or two, of Windows, depending on what discs and licence keys you have available.

I don't think you will get past this screen because W10 needs to start to install drivers for your keyboard so you can choose your keyboard options to allow Windows to start, yes, an endless loop - can you get the PC to boot into "Safe mode"?

  BRYNIT 17:19 21 Jun 2017

Due to the age of your computer it's likely to have a PS2 keyboard socket. Have you tried using a PS2 keyboard or even a USB to PS2 adaptor to allow your USB keyboard to use the PS2 keyboard port.

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