Computer restarts itself....

  Seadog 23:23 12 Apr 2003

An old problem has returned since I upgraded my system, occasionally my computer just restarts itself, almost as if the reset button has been pressed. Seems to do it most when on the internet viewing mpeg movies and such but is not limited to these.
I have fitted (in a new case with new psu) a new motherboard, new 2.4 P4 cpu, new pc2700 ram, the "old" ATI Radeon 64Mb DDR VIVO graphics card, "old" Creative Audigy soundcard. Also fitted is a Linksys NIC to a broadband router.
Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas why it restarts itself - I had this problem a few months ago on the old system, before the upgrade (one reason for the upgrade!) and it seemed to go away but...............
It all points to a conflict with either the sound or graphics card, and after visiting both the ATI and Creative (original and oriented) web sites, there are a lot of people complaining about poor drivers for both products, but if anyone has any suggestions they will be gratefully received.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:34 12 Apr 2003

Windows Update. Posibly Wake up device in BIOS may be enabled for somehting likemouse, Keyboard, Modem, etc. Wake on Lan ?

We could do with knowing what the Motherboard model & No. is and also which Windows you have Please.

  pc moron 23:45 12 Apr 2003

Which operating system were you using on your "old" and "new" systems?

  Seadog 23:45 12 Apr 2003

Motherboard is a Jetway (don't laugh - they work and are reasonably priced - I am seriously thinking nowadays that all these so called "branded" or well known cards/motherboards tend to cause more compatibility problems/conflicts than the cheaper generic products!) Sorry, but I can't remember the model no. and I'm running win 98SE.
No wake up device is enabled in the BIOS either.....

  tell 04:31 13 Apr 2003

the problem you describe is identical to one I had a while back I also changed just about everything except the graphics card and the memory only to find the prob remained finaly beat it with a new graphics card even though my original apeared to be ok, can you get hold of a spare graphics card to try, if that does'nt work then it has to be the memory

  Kitz E Kat 11:44 13 Apr 2003

Its a long shot, but it could be a fan problem, did you get a new fan for your P4, if the CPU overheats it will shut down, the jetway board does have a CPU temp monitor, put it on the desktop, and keep an eye on the temp, also what temp is it set to shutdown at?
Like i say it might not be the cause, but it will cost you nothing to check it out and eliminate.

  Seadog 14:40 13 Apr 2003

Don't think it is the memory, as it is new, likewise the cpu fan. Temp of cpu is monitored and seems OK.
Reckon it's the graphics card, I think I have an old Matrox Millennium somewhere, but am going to be busy for the next ten days or so.
Will start a new thread or whatever maybe next week when I know more..........

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