computer restarts during POST

  noddy_2121 09:50 03 Sep 2008

Hi all,

I have a Dell Optiplex 745 and it has been working fine for the past 12 months or so but i turned it on last night and it just keeps restarting during the power on self test. The computer dosnt even get as far as loading windows!

Any suggestions please?


  chub_tor 09:59 03 Sep 2008

First check the memory, if you have more than one stick try them one at a time.

Next it might be a corrupted OS (Xp or Vista?) and you could try a repair.

Possible hard drive failure - have you had any warning symptons of previous failure to boot up?

  baldydave 10:16 03 Sep 2008

Could be Power supply,if you you feel you are confident enough you could open up PC and disconnect everything and check it runs Post OK with just psu attached then one by one one add harddrve cdrom etc checking by restarting until fault appears.
Look at the capacitors on the motherboard,are they leaking (wet/discoloured motherboard) or bulging as this is a very common fault on Dell Optiplex boards.
Can be repaired if this is the case but can be expensive,maybe used one on Ebay.

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