Computer restarts

  Tigertex 10:30 15 Feb 2006

I recently rebuilt one of my computers. Everything seemed fine then suddenly the computer that had been idling for about 2 hours restarted. i decided to test out the machine and see how it was perfroming, so i loaded up a low spec game.. and the computer restarted. I repeated this with a different game and again computer restarted.

After a numbers of tries i decided to install a different graphics card (really old one) and they computer now works fine... though not really possible to do anything with it.

The graphics card that is causing the problem is ATI 9800 UT, it is not over heating, it is get enough power and the rest of the computer runs fine. I downloaded the lastest driver that i could find on the net but i wonder if that was my problem?!

Is there anyway to test of my graphics card is faulty or is there any possible solution to solve my restarting issue.

  AndySD 11:21 15 Feb 2006

Try updating the motherboard chipset drivers if not the motherboard may need a bios update to sole the problem.

  xania 12:38 15 Feb 2006

My favorite would still be the power supply. I suspect that your PC is near the limit and the sudden activity just take sit over the border. With power supplies so cheap, I would invest in something like click here.

  Tigertex 14:19 15 Feb 2006

My currenlty power supply is 650 watts which is more than enough :-)

  Tigertex 10:25 16 Feb 2006


The computer is now starting to restart with the older graphics card.... :-( The computer still is not overheating.

Could the problem me the my motherboard is fubar or is it more likely to be the memory. Any suggestion would be grateful.

Is there any software out there that i can test the system on??

  xania 12:23 08 Mar 2006

I recognise that your PSU is powerful enough, but it still could have developed a fault causing the restarts.

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