Computer restarting even in BIOS, help please?

  [DELETED] 23:16 01 Aug 2003

I have a friend that was using MS Flight Simulator 2002 and said it just restarted, he then reinstalled Flight Simulator and upon reinstalling the system restarted again.

However it has been restarting even when not using flight simulator, which would point to a driver problem.

The odd thing is the same problem happens in the BIOS too. All settings appear correct!

He has asked me to reformat the computer and also upon doing so restarted.

It seems to be that the newsest hardware installed was a 6 ch sound card, however it has not happened before and only just started today.

Can anyone suggest anything?

I suspect it could be a fault with the sound card, PSU or Motherboard but I thought I would ask you confimation and ideas.

It is a 1700+ Athlon XP, Matsonic mobo, 512Mb DDR, 80Gb HDD and Windows XP and a 400 watt PSU.

Thanks for any help received.


  [DELETED] 23:30 01 Aug 2003

If it is restarting in the bios, then I doubt it is the soundcard. It would need booting to windows to load the drivers.

You could physically remove the card and if you can get it to boot to windows and remove it from device manager.

The fact that it is rebooting, even when you are trying to access the bios, makes me think it may be something else.

Psu, memory or overheating cpu would be my first thoughts.

To see if the psu is under to much load, with the new soundcard added. Take out the sound card and unplug any slave hard drives and cdrom's. See if it still reboots.

  [DELETED] 23:37 01 Aug 2003

It seems to be that the newsest hardware if the problem has started after the upgrade. Have you tried it without the soundcard (run it for about a week) to see if this is the problem...

  [DELETED] 23:39 01 Aug 2003

another thin to try with the soundcard removed would be to boot into BIOS, take a note of all existing settings then loading the BIOS setup defaults to check if it keeps rebooting from the BIOS with default settings...

  [DELETED] 23:40 01 Aug 2003

Thing is testing it is a hard one.

The CPu I doubt is getting overheated it shows as 33, and it is quite a warm room.

It only happens occasionally not all the time.

Also I have tried to install SP1 and restarted before it is finished so the wipe I did was lost as I cannot now boot into windows.

I suspected the same as you that it could not be the Sound card if in the Bios but that was added last week so it has got to be looked at, but as you say the drivers have not even loaded or anything.

Is there an easy way to test the PSU otherthan get a new one?


  [DELETED] 23:40 01 Aug 2003

bsod, didn't refresh...

  [DELETED] 23:42 01 Aug 2003

BBez Fri, 01.08.03 | 23:37
It seems to be that the newsest hardware if the problem has started after the upgrade. Have you tried it without the soundcard (run it for about a week) to see if this is the problem...

Yes, that is what I thought. Oddly though it was last week the upgrade and has just started today.

  [DELETED] 23:43 01 Aug 2003

test PSU with a multi-meter. Take a note of all settings then run load checks, amperage and voltage. Run checks with PSU fully loaded (cdroms, floppy, hdd's etc connected up...

  [DELETED] 23:46 01 Aug 2003

Hey no probs.

The more the merrier.

  [DELETED] 23:49 01 Aug 2003

try loading the BIOS defaults...if it was CPU, PC would hang up and not reboot until the CPU had overheated. As bsod states, may be memory but you'd probably get a few BSOD's (blue screen o death) while running XP if a memory module was faulty.

Download a memory tester here: click here

reinstall SP1 or run XP setup CD and choose "repair" option when prompted if you suspect corrupt OS...

  [DELETED] 23:50 01 Aug 2003

CPU cooled down, not overheated as i've wrote in 23:49 post

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