computer refuses to standby or shutdown

  march 19:15 08 Feb 2005

running win98, all seems to be fine loading programs & internet etc

went to put computer on standby & window appears saying
'cannot go on standby because a device driver or program wont allow it close all open programs & try again'

have tried but no response & also had to turned off at mains (because computer just hung for ages)& then on again but still no response. anyone help please?

  march 19:40 08 Feb 2005

just to add have run sfc & scanreg no problems found
any ideas please?

  march 20:05 08 Feb 2005

also not downloaded or installed any programs or changed any settings it just seems to have gone on its own accord

please help someone; fed up of chatting to myself

  march 20:40 08 Feb 2005

will have to leave this overnight

really hope someone will be able to suggest something for me to try I will check for replys as soon as I can tomorrow

meanwhile thanks if you do post


  end 20:41 08 Feb 2005

can you shut it down using the window that appears when you go to start menue, shut down , then click on shut down in the box that appears?

  Pumbah 20:55 08 Feb 2005

Hi there, Have a look at this link
click here

  march 07:15 09 Feb 2005

end - no cannot shutdown that way,

Pumbah - had a look on that site & ran Susfail.txt and it came up with this-

DevNode 'USB Flatbed Scanner' (USB\VID_0461&PID_0364\INST_0) failed the suspend

so I suppose the scanner is causing the problem but I dont know what to do now the above doesn't mean anything to me

anyone help on this?

  end 07:44 09 Feb 2005

you do not say how long this has been happening, nor what you may have recently installed on there; presumably your scanner has been on there for some time, or is it new? and , if new, ??correctly installed?

  theDarkness 07:53 09 Feb 2005

can you shut down from the task manager (cntrl, alt, delete)?

  march 08:00 09 Feb 2005

hiya end

scanner has been on since first setup,

used it about a couple of hours before the shutdown problem happened & all was ok with it, just tried to use scanner a few minutes ago to see if I could sort the problem out from there & it seems I have no scanner installed, how that works out I dont know!

  Pumbah 08:22 09 Feb 2005

Can you uninstall the scanner and see if computer shuts down correctly - then reinstall and get an updated driver for the scanner from the manufacturers website..

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