computer reformatting

  Bike-it 19:38 01 Sep 2011

I will soon be selling my laptop, so what do I need to do so that all my things and traces of all activity are wiped from the laptop and take it back to a factory state. Is there any way of storing all the updates from windows so I don't have to download them all again?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:02 01 Sep 2011

so what do I need to do so that all my things and traces of all activity are wiped from the laptop

Safest way is to physical scrap the hard drive with a big hammer :0)

and take it back to a factory state

buy a new drive copy the restore partition from old drive to new and do a factory restore.

If you don't want to go that far do a factory restore and the download and install CCleaner and use the "wipe free space" tool (7 times) to clear everything else from the drive your data will unrecoverable unless you have CSI tools :0)

  northumbria61 20:05 01 Sep 2011

Nope - The Windows update is "not" saved anywhere in a sense that you think of a file that is updating your system. IT gets downloaded to your computer, then installed, and then deleted. And all that is left behind is a Update folder that just containts information on what was updated. In addition Windows Updates are downloaded "in order of need"

Once you have restored you could go to Microsoft Catalogue for your updates. This allows you to select what you need - ie: Service Pack, other updates, optional updates and place them in "your basket" ready for download.

  Bike-it 20:12 01 Sep 2011

Fruitbat if i download ccleaner and use the wipe free space tool will it do any harm to the operating system MS vista?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:23 01 Sep 2011

Remove all your personal data, delete your profile and set up a new one.

Then use the wipe free space tool. The OS will and installed programs will remain untouched.

  finerty 11:23 02 Sep 2011

try to download a program called eraser, this should be free and u be able to erase the files folders and os.

when u run it be prepared for a couple hours

  finerty 11:26 02 Sep 2011

download from hereeraser

  finerty 11:26 02 Sep 2011

I personally use acronis but its not free.

  VOT Productions 11:30 02 Sep 2011

Try using your hard drive manufacturer's tools. Usually that requires a DVD disk or a flash drive. As far as updates go, no.

  sheraz.civnom 12:50 02 Sep 2011

You cannot store your windows updates. If you wanna do this just download from microsoft website. To wipe all your data you can either destroy your hard drive and install a new one or you any disc formating software like disckill to destroy everything on your computer.


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