computer recently keeps shutting down

  pookie 18:51 17 Nov 2013


Windows 7 sp1. All drivers up to date and anti virus and malwarebytes don't detect anything.

Computer has been fine for about a year. Recently it has started saying it's shutting down and then shutting down or just shutting down without any message. It then started shutting down whenever I pressed the first letter of my login password. Fans aren't dirty, I have replaced power cable and all cables seem connected ok. It was shutting down after about 1 minute of use.

However, it did let me do a full reformat which took another another without shutting down. But now that I am starting to download windows updates it's shutting down again.

Any ideas?


  pookie 08:09 18 Nov 2013

Thanks. Yes, got 7gb ram and don't play games or video work. Have lots of free storage memory. Sorry, can I clean round heatsink or does it pull out to clean it and then just push back in? Should i hear a click when it goes back? Thanks

  onthelimit1 08:26 18 Nov 2013

Heatsinks vary, but are normally clamped to the CPU. On most you can see whether they are clogged or not. If they are, the easiest way to clean is with compressed air. If not available, then a fine brush and vacuum cleaner can do the job.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:29 18 Nov 2013

pookie, an easier way to diagnose suspected over-heating issues is to use a tiny utility such as HWMonitor. Keep an eye on the temperatures for the CPU and graphics card (if listed) and report back their maximum values.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:24 18 Nov 2013

I've had another idea pookie.

"Recently it has started saying it's shutting down and then shutting down or just shutting down without any message."

It's possible that the power switch is intermittently faulty and is being depressed slightly while the computer is in use - try this:

Go to Control Panel -> Power Options -> "Choose what the power button does" and if it's set to "Shut down", choose "Do nothing" instead. If you now stop seeing the Windows shutting-down messages then you may have found the culprit. That tip won't however stop it turning off abruptly as that type of shut down is initiated by the computer itself.

If it is a faulty power button then your local PC repair person should be able to sort it out quickly and cheaply.

Let us know how you get on first though.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:40 18 Nov 2013

Heat sinks get clogged between heatsink and fan where you cannot see it.

Fan needs to be removed from heatsink for a proper clean.

Heat doesn't normally give you a windows shutting down message PC usually just shuts down immediately the temperature reach the limit.

  pookie 08:16 21 Nov 2013

Thank you for all the replies. I tried your suggestions but nothing helped. However, I noticed that it only happened within a few minutes of plugging a usb device into a usb slot in the front of my pc including the wifi adaptor. If I use the usb slots at the back of the pc then all is well (so far).

Thanks again


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:05 21 Nov 2013

That sounds like a short between the USB ports and case on the front panel.

Can you remove the front panel to inspect the usb ports more closely?

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