Computer reboots on plugging in USB

  Peter-338306 21:27 06 Mar 2003

Most times I plug in a USB item my computer reboots. It can be my scanner, a small portable hard disk or a joystick. I run XP pro. Suspect it could be hardware but don't know where to start looking

  pj123 23:13 06 Mar 2003

Someone I teach has just rung me today with exactly the same problem, although their OS is Win 98SE. If it is plugged in to the Front USB port the computer reboots, but it doesn't reboot if it is plugged in to an external USB hub. Unfortunately, I won't be seeing him until next Wednesday. If I solve the problem I will let you know. In the meantime I will keep checking this thread to see if someone else comes up with the answer before me.

  powerless 23:19 06 Mar 2003

pj123 - click here and forget the "The information in this article applies to:" and just follow what it says.

loggie although the above is not for XP just read and see it helps.

  Migwell 23:31 06 Mar 2003

Settings in BIOS enable your computer to be booted up in some cases even from the movement of your mouse. You can also set it to boot up when the space bar is pressed and also when a USB device is pluged in. My Mobo is an Asus a7v226e but no doubt that is comon to other boards as well. You can also set your computer to come on at pre-determond times if that is how you spell that. It is just a matter of having a look in your instruction board's book first. Any settings made can be reversed later.

Regards Migwell

  powerless 23:35 06 Mar 2003

Oppsite, he is saying when he plugs in a USB device XP shuts down. Not boots up as you say ;-)

p.s. i have my ...puter to boot at the touch of the space board cool aint it? :-)

  powerless 23:35 06 Mar 2003

space bar.

  Peter-338306 22:56 07 Mar 2003

Accidentally disconnected additional USB sockets and now computer stable and USB at rear work perfectly. Assume leads connected incorrectly on motherboard. Unfortunately do not in what order they should be.

  Migwell 23:26 07 Mar 2003

Oops! sorry missed the RE part on the front of boots.

Must look a little closer next time, mind you it was late

  pj123 23:41 13 Mar 2003

check out this previous thread click here

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