Computer rebooting itself before it enters Windows

  woodbexhill 19:47 29 Nov 2004


Yesterday I defragged my computer, and forgot about it, came back at the end of the day about it was 95% complete and on one particular file. I left it for another hour and came back, and concluded it had crashed. I tried to pause and unpause, but it had no effect, I closed it down and it presented some sort of error that I can't exactly remember, something about it being unable to continue or close, I can't exactly remember.

Anyway, I used the computer, turned it off, and now today when I turn it on Windows doesn't boot. It gives a list of options such as Start Windows normally (this option reboots before the Windows logo appears), Safe Mode (this has a long list of files being loaded before the computer reboots), if I press F8 more options are available. If I click Boot Logging, or Debugging, (can't remember the two exact names) the Windows XP loading screen is shown for a while... then the computer shows a WinXP blue screen error which says UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME.

So, I don't have much of any idea of what has gone wrong except it looks as though its something to do with my hard disk and an inability to boot up.

Any help, thoughts, and suggestions appreciated.

  alan227 20:09 29 Nov 2004

Try this, start your computer, and tap the F8 key to access safe mode and from the screen options select last good known configuration.
If this does not work you wwill probably need to rewrite the MBR.
If you go to this link it will show you how to do this.
click here

  woodbexhill 21:09 29 Nov 2004

Problem is because its an OEM Packard Bell I don't have a WinXP Disc, and so I can't enter the Recovery Console. (If I enter from the list at start-up it gives me the blue-screen error) so I'm not sure how I can get the recovery console up... any ways round this?

  stalion 21:25 29 Nov 2004

try what alan227 has suggested first safe mode and last known good configueration

  VoG II 21:33 29 Nov 2004

click here

To get the set of 6 startup floppies click here

  woodbexhill 21:33 29 Nov 2004

Tried that, doesn't work unfortunately.

  woodbexhill 21:34 29 Nov 2004

That response was to stalion and I posted as VoG replied, I'll try VoG's solution now.

  woodbexhill 22:32 01 Dec 2004

Ok tried VoG's method, after trying 6 disks, failing, buying new disks, failing... finally, one set of disks worked. I got to the recovery console, type chkdsk, ti said it couldnt find a certain exe, so I typed fixboot. It said it had re written the file, success I thought! I rebooted... the error appeared again.

So I'm back to the same original problem, any further help?

  woodbexhill 16:58 23 Apr 2005

Been very busy recenty so haven't had the time for this. But the problem still exists, if anyone can re-read through the previous posts and offer advice it would be very much appreciated? Thanks

  stalion 19:56 23 Apr 2005

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