Computer random resets

  luke_mullet 22:30 29 Nov 2004

from time to time my computer will reset, this normally comes when i play a game or do something to use a lot of the computer. I do not get an error message it just resets.

Ive got norton systemworks and it says that there is nothing wrong with the computer.

Some people have said to me its the PSU others have said its the CPU. Its really starting to annoy me as i can not work out why its doing it. have an AMD XP 3000 and a 400w PSU.

  VoG II 22:33 29 Nov 2004

Right-click on My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab. Under Startup & Recovery click Settings. Under System Failure untick the box in front of Automatically restart.

Then post the error message the next time that it does this.

  luke_mullet 22:35 29 Nov 2004

right ok, ive done that, il go test it.

  luke_mullet 22:36 29 Nov 2004

right ok, ive done that, il go test it.

  luke_mullet 23:04 29 Nov 2004 the computer was fine for about 10 mins then it reseted, without an error message.

  westwit 00:23 30 Nov 2004

I have had a similar problem with automatic reboots. Have now unticked the auto restart box as suggetsed by VoG - but where do I find the system log that is supposed to be generated on each system failure? I should have plenty of entries by now but can't find anything.

  luke_mullet 13:08 30 Nov 2004

Ok, so i just got a blue screen saying MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION
After windows had loaded up the error log said...

Error signature:
BCCode : 9C BCP1 : 00000000 BCP2 : 8053F0F0 BCP3 : C4204000 BCP4 : 00000136 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 1_0 PRODUCT : 256_1

I then clicked on the technical information and i got...

The following files will be included in the report:

Does anyone know what this is?

  Graham ® 13:59 30 Nov 2004

Control Panel, Admin. Tools, Event Viewer, System.

Highlight an Event, Action, Properties.

This will give a description and the opportunity to submit to Microsoft.

  Graham ® 14:09 30 Nov 2004

Have you a USB reader from Lexar?

click here

  mattyc_92 14:22 30 Nov 2004

It sounds that you are being "dumped" of Memory.... How much memory (RAM) have you got and what is the processor's speed??

  Graham ® 14:52 30 Nov 2004

It's an error report dump. It's just saying where it's put it!

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