computer processor speed is changing

  LAPTOPBABE 20:25 20 Sep 2007

Hi whilst trying to figure out if my second laptop will take more ram i have been going to 'my computer' quite a lot to check for info. I noticed today that sometimes it says it has a speed of 896, and sometimes 696 and sometimes 496. At the moment it is saying 896, but only ten minutes ago it said 496. Does anyone know why this is? I presume this is why it appears very slow sometimes Cheers.

  brundle 20:26 20 Sep 2007

To keep the temperature down laptop processors can adjust their speed to match the workload. It's normal behaviour.

  LAPTOPBABE 20:35 20 Sep 2007

hi so how do I know what is the official speed of my processor. Sorry to be dum, some things i know about but this i don't. Its just that the web sites for memory seem to be quoting more than 1 compaq M700 with different processor speeds.

  brundle 20:47 20 Sep 2007

As I said in your other thread, order the Crucial memory, send it back if it doesn't work. I've done it myself.

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