Computer Problems!!

  Warpsword 14:27 04 Aug 2007

Hello everyone.
Im a newb here but need help with my computer.
Before i go into details ill list the spec. The computer is quite old and that may be part of the problem.

Gigabyte S775 I915g
Intel Pentium 4 530 3.0GHz HT
2x 1GB DDR PC3200 400MHz
Nvidia Geforce 7600GT
Western Digital WD1600JD 160GB
NEC ND-3500 Double Layer Dual 16x DVD R/RW
Samsung TS-H352A 16x48 DVD-ROM
Windows Media Center 2005

Ok here is the problem. The PC crashes!!
It will boot up and work fine for 15 - 20 mins but then it will just freeze, caps light doesnt do anything when pressing caps lock so i know its a propper lock up.

Here is the interesting thing. When i go into the bios and increase the voltage to the CPU, VGA Card and the RAM it works ok without crashing, but when the voltage has been increased, the frame rate in games is extremely low, NFS Carbon is practically unplayable. Also when running using the higher voltages it seems to take ages for any programs to load. Windows Media Player can sometimes take up to 10mins!!

I have tried everyhing to resolve the issue, including seeing what happens when the voltage is increased to only one or two of the components. I have tried all possible combinations but unless all three have the voltages increased, it will crash after 15 mins

I hope someone has any ideas regarding this


  X™ 14:32 04 Aug 2007

Either that or your CPU is getting over loaded, and with you increasing the voltages it is useable.

I think that you need extra cooling though. You say it's pretty old, it's a good single core PC. During the time you've had it, the CPU or motherboard cooler may have broken down.

Open up the case and check it.

Or within the 15-20mins download a temperature display software click here and tell us the results.

If it is this then you will need a new CPU cooler. We can help you here too.

  Totally-braindead 14:35 04 Aug 2007

Agree with X™ if it crashes with time - as your appears to do - then overheating is the most common possability.

  X™ 14:36 04 Aug 2007

Your VGA card may be at fault maybe the cooling is gone on that.

It sounds strange, and I'll probably be corrected, but by increasing your voltages, the voltage to the fans increase slightly and then it spins faster and cools properly.

Hmm, could be anything. I've had countless issues of dust clogging up the air way. Check for dust anywhere in the PC. Check in between heatsinks ect. If the CPU VGA one is dusty, this maybe your problem. Blow & vacuum out your PC.

  X™ 14:38 04 Aug 2007

(BTW, I'm kidding. =P)

But he is extremley good with things like that, and I trust any advice he gives. I totally agree.

  Warpsword 14:43 04 Aug 2007

I dont think its the VGA card, The card was only replaced recently. previously i had an ATI X600 card and the fan on that just refused to work so i got myself the Nvidia card.

Saying that i am starting to get problems with the monitor actually turning on when the pc is turned on. The monitor light will just flash orange as though its still in standby mode. I then have to turn off the pc and try again. sometimes it can take 3 or 4 attempts for the monitor to turn on. So maybe thats related to this problem.

Im also thinking that it maybe some kind of power issue. I have a cheap 600W power supply that sounds like a plane taking off and sometimes when i try to turn on the computer the power just goes dead and nothing works. I have to turn it off at the plug socket and wait about 5 mins before turning it on again

  X™ 14:53 04 Aug 2007

Maybe it's the PSU. My one sounds like that occasionally, it's the fan loose/on it's way out. IT does seem like a power problem, or the motherboard on it's way out. It still could be a heat issue though. Make sure it's all clean, if it's hot, it won't boot sometimes, I take this from experience.

It may be a power issue though. Does the motherboard have onboard graphics? Use it, if it works, it could be two problems. Most likely your graphics card, although I don't think this is the issue, or the PSU.

Try taking the PSU off everything apart from the motherboard, any fans and one hard drive. See if it boots, if it does, you have your answer.

Any PCI cards? Remove them one by one to see if they are at fault.

Another thing, just check all the cables are secure. It's easy for one to come loose, just check.

A final thing to do would be to pull the whole thing apart and rebuild it.

  Warpsword 15:03 04 Aug 2007

Thanks for the help and suggestions guys ill give them all a try when i get home from work.

As far as your suggestions go X, the board doesnt have onboard graphics so i cant try that, but i have tried a very old PCI 3dfx card instead of the 7600 but i still get the same problem.

I have tried it with just PSU connected to the essentials but again same problem. I dont have any PCI cards or anything like that and i have even tried rebuilding the whole system again.

I will try cleaning all the components and i think i may even have a spare PSU i can try

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