Computer problem (sudden shutdown)

  Gareth2303 16:10 01 Feb 2004

Right my problem is that when im trying to burn a cd or do something that put my computer under a little bit of strain , my pc just knocks off. im not sure why but when i restart and check the error log there is 17 errors all in a row that say disc error. this does not just happen when im tring to burn cds but just all of a sudden even if im not doing anything at all. it very frustarting as i could be doing important work and bang she knocks off. there is always 17 errors in error log when i restart my computer,

n e 1 have n e idea what it is or how i can fix it. tanks

  Diemmess 16:21 01 Feb 2004

Just 2 ideas to be going on with.

Something overheating on mobo or cpu. Check cooling fans are squeaky clean.

You have more peripherals than you used to have and the PSU is failing to provide enough watts.
Consider replacement if if is < 300watts

  Gareth2303 18:47 01 Feb 2004

i think ur right , i just got a two new fans and a graphics card. the 2 fans i got are 1 is a led and the other is a cpu adjustable fan that needs top be connected to power as well.

my old pc that worked fine was a
2.2amd processor
geforce 2 mx400
msi mobo

the stuff i got put in are
replaced old graphic card with a geforce 4 mx 440se and put 2 extra fans with both have to be connected to the power.

I also have a monitor that runs off my pc power supply and the power supply is only a 300watt.

so is this my problem

  Gareth2303 16:35 06 Feb 2004

I opened My pc and relised that my problem wasnt my power pack, My fan was on incorrecty and had to be repositioned. My Mistake My Fault.

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