Computer problem

  dstarr78 10:01 04 May 2006


Since yesterday, everytime I turn on my computer, I get a "no signal" message on my monitor, and no beeps occur during the POST.

Am I right in thinking that this is due to the graphics card?

I checked all connections and made sure everything was in place.

I just wanted to make sure I was right, before buying a new gfx card and it not turning out to be the problem.


  gudgulf 10:37 04 May 2006

It could be the graphics card......or it could be a motherboard fault,or even a failed cpu.

If you can remove the graphics card and try it in another pc or "borrow" a friends graphics card and try it in your own pc that would answer your question without spending any cash.

Alternatively if you have a pc shop nearby I'm sure they would test the card for you for a small charge.

  Gongoozler 10:54 04 May 2006

If you don't even get POST beeps when your computer boots up I think its more likely to be something other than the graphics card. The easiest one to check is the PSU. This is one of the more common causes and fairly cheap compared with other parts. Other than that, the only way to tell is by removing all the likely candidates. First unplug all the drives - hard drive, cd/dvd drives, floppy drive. Also remove any plug-in PCI cards. If the computer doesn't give a POST beep, then try unplugging the memory. You should then get an error POST signal. If that doesn't work try unplugging everything else other than the CPU with its heatsink, the PSU, the case speaker and the power-on switch. If you still don't get any POST beeps unscrew the motherboard from the case and place it on a sheet of card to confirm that a short circuit to the case isn't the cause of the problem. After that the only remaining parts are the CPU, motherboard and PSU. I have been successfully using a cheap PSU from Ebuyer for about 2 years click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:47 04 May 2006

have you any activity from the PC?

leds lit, fans turning, noise from HDD?

  dstarr78 12:25 04 May 2006

Cheers for the replies

Everything seemed to be working. All the fans were going and it sounded normal (HDD's were whirring and so were the CD drives) and the LED lights on the front were working. Just no beeps during the POST.

I think it is the motherboard now actually, as I checked the ASUS support site, and there was a question about no lights and no signal, and the answer was that the Mobo and CPU were not communicating.

I have ordered a new motherboard bundle from novatech now, and hopefully that should sort it out.

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