Computer powers up by its self

  wetterfugal 15:09 14 Mar 2003

I am running XP pro, AMD 1,6G and a Gigabyte MB.

When I power down and leave the puter I find that it has restarted when I return. I have just powered down and it powered up again two minutes later. Anyone know why?

  rosblot 15:19 14 Mar 2003

What exactly do you mean by powered down. Put into sleep mode, power saving mode or switch off?

  wetterfugal 15:33 14 Mar 2003

Sorry for the delay but I had a wopping big number 3 popup obscuring some of your reply.

I mean switch off, push the main switch on the case. The only power saving profile I have is the option to turn off the monitor after 3 hrs. I have checked the power optins and can see nothing that could cause it.

  ams4127 20:20 14 Mar 2003

My guess is that it is something in your Power Settings page in BIOS which is causing this problem.

I don't know what BIOS your board uses but check in the Power section and make sure that any settings for automatic power up are disabled (including by modem). You can always change the settings back again if they don't make any difference.

  Djohn 20:49 14 Mar 2003

wetterfugal, are you using the correct method of switching off?

Start, then click on turn off computer, then you are given a choice of, Standby/Restart/turn off.

The reason I asked is you mention that you are using the button on the PC to turn off, this may have a different function assigned to it in the BIOS. J.

  cream. 21:10 14 Mar 2003


It has not got wake up on ring enabled in the bios?

Does this coincide with the phone ringing?

If this has got nothing to do with it, then disregard my ramblings. lol

  wetterfugal 22:12 14 Mar 2003

I think that I may have misled, I normally go trough START/TURNOFF/TURNOFF but on the occasion when it switched back on about tree seconds after I had closed down, I pressed the button on the case.

AMI American Megatrends BIOS

I use MI American Megatrends BIOS on a 7VRXP motherboard with a VIA VT8367 Apollo KT333 Chipset

I shall look at the bios shortly to see if I have anything referring to power.

  wetterfugal 22:17 14 Mar 2003

the village idiot

I forgot, at the time when I was with the 'puter when it switched on it did not corrospond with an incoming call, all the other times I have no means of knowing.

  cream. 22:23 14 Mar 2003

Well if it powered it's self up with in three? seconds, then this is probably not the case.

Worth looking in the bios at power management?

  wetterfugal™ 21:20 17 Mar 2003

I checked the bios and in the power setup I found that "Wakeup on Modem/Lan" had been enabled. It is now diabled and the problem has gone.

Thaanks again, Vic A.

  cream. 21:40 17 Mar 2003

Flip & heck if it is powering up with in 3 seconds you must have a cracking system. lol

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