Computer picking up Radio Station

  Bodi 23:47 11 Jun 2003

My computer appears to be picking up an American Radio Station and I wonder if anyone can suggest why.

At first I thought it was the speakers, but these have been connected to another computer without the problem occuring.

I have changed the leads, the connection to the sound card etc. etc. but the problem is still there. Any suggestion as how to cure this would be gratefully appreciated.

  ton 23:56 11 Jun 2003

Try muteing some of the volume controls, maybe that will give a clue.

  crx1600 23:56 11 Jun 2003

a thread discussing the same problem, but without a solution. click here

  crx1600 00:01 12 Jun 2003

and another click here

  ton 00:06 12 Jun 2003
  DieSse 00:09 12 Jun 2003

Pickup like this is nearly always in the loudspeaker leads - they act as a kind of aerial, and under certain circumstances the amplifier in the speakers acts as a tuner/rectifier and can convert the pickup into actual sound.

Try a ferrite ring on the speaker leads - try wrapping the speaker leads with foil - try moving the leads around.

  Bodi 00:10 12 Jun 2003

ton: Thanks for the suggestion. One of the first things I tried was the volumn control - but no joy. Actually ended up turning the volumn up to see if I could hear the radio station more clearly, but couldn't.

Crx1600: Thanks for the links, the latter may have a solution. It's only since I extended the speaker wires (have tall tower system) that the problem has occured again. Last house, it picked up the local taxi. Will try another shielded speaker wire.

Thanks again - you're both angels first class.


  woodchip 00:14 12 Jun 2003

Where have you been, long time no see. The radio is picked up by some coil some where in the sound system and is being amplified by the system. you can only turn of the speakers or shield the System box with some kind of metal mesh round it

  Bodi 00:16 12 Jun 2003

Thanks for the help - think you're probably right now you've all jogged my memory. I have just put one of those spiral type extension wires on my system.

Thanks again for the help, will let you know if I can cure it by making up my own speaker leads.


  Bodi 00:26 12 Jun 2003

Hello, and thanks to you too. Haven't been "messing with computers" for a while and just re-starting.

Let you know how I get on - will go out and get some wire tomorrow.

Thanks agin.

  ton 00:36 12 Jun 2003

If you join speaker cables, you need to either solder the joins or use a connecter of some sort. Twisting the wires together and covering with tape is likely to give these type of problems some time in the future.

I'm not suggesting you have done this, but thought I would mention it, it might help someone.

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