Computer and Outlook problems

  Housten 15:30 22 Jul 2013

Good Afternoon,Gentlemen

I am getting annoyed with my computer. There are 4 questions I am going to ask for your help with, and whilst I accept that I have mucked one programme around – Outlook 2003 – I believe that the others are because I do not understand microsoft’s updates mucking me about.

I have a dual computer about 7 years old, with 4 GB of ram and am running Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium. If you need more information, please ask and I will get this for you.

The first two queries concern Microsoft updates. It must be some 4 or 5 weeks ago now, but when I installed an update I didn’t immediately pick it up, but what I found happening was that when I shut the computer down a box appears to tell me that a programme is still running. But I have shut ALL the programmes down!! It just appears for less than a second, but it says the programme needing to be shut down is something to do with a Task Host Window. I do not know what this is, have never opened it and would have shut it down if I could have. Does anyone know how to stop this appearing? The second problem is that I had XP on this computer, then installed Vista. Then we bought Windows 7 and I made it dual bootable whilst I saw what it was like. After a time I decided I preferred Windows 7 and – somehow – got rid of the dual boot. Now the latest update I have done seems to have wiped that option out and I am back to getting both options at every boot up. What I would like to know is how do I get back to only Windows 7?

The 3rd and 4th questions concern ‘Outlook’ – I have ‘Office Professional 2003’ installed on the computer. We have not long changed ISP and I think I have committed a stupid. The other day I opened ‘Outlook’, but it was empty. I then remembered that I had done some re-arranging of my data on the computer over the last three or four weeks and I had – very obviously – moved the emails contained within the ‘Outlook’ database. Well I found where I had moved it to and so opened it, and all the data was there. However what happened was that a second set of ‘Personal Folders’ was opened. Now I have been able to move some of my folders into the empty one, but there are some folders that I can only copy not move. So I would like you gentlemen’s opinion as to what I should do. As I see it there are two options – although, no doubt, some will tell me I am talking out my exhaust and present me with others. My first thought was that if I could delete some of the ‘new’ personal folders and some of the ones I ‘found’ then I would be back to my original, but I can not seem to find out how to delete them. Can this be done? My second thought was to move all the folders I have moved into the ‘new’ ‘Personal Folders’ back into their original place and then delete the ‘new’ ‘Personal Folders’ which would leave me all my previous ‘Personal Folders’. The only problem with that is that I do not have a clue as to how the ‘new’ ‘Personal Folders’ can be deleted! Or is my exhaust talking bull excrement? The fourth Question is whenever I have Outlook open a dialogue box keeps popping up asking me to ‘Enter Network Password’. It has a ‘Server’, a ‘User Name’ and a ‘Password’ box together with a small box to tick in order to ‘Save this password in your password list’. As far as I am aware whilst all the boxes have entries I have never had a network password! What is really annoying is that I have tried every option of accepting or rejecting this box and as soon as I click on something it disappears, but re-appears within 30 seconds or so. Does anyone know how this pesky box can be got rid of – permanently?

Many thanks in advance for all your help and advice.

  Housten 17:28 25 Jul 2013


Please, please help. As you can read above I am in dire need of some help!! There must be someone who can tell me what I have done wrong or tell me how to correct my faults. Please help an old pensioner!! Ok that was below the belt but I am in desperate need of someone's help. I am on my knees - and that's not easy I can assure you!!!!

  compumac 18:01 25 Jul 2013

I have always kept diaries in respect of all of my PC's with regard to problems etc. I am quickly posting a comment that I entered in respect of Outlook as I had always found it to be puzzling.

"With regard to Outlook.pst it would appear that the programme Outlook creates an original Outlook and if you open ANOTHER Outlook from within the original Outlook then the OTHER Outlook appears as a SECOND PERSONAL FOLDER. You are then able to copy and paste the relevant entries from OTHER Inbox and Sent folder and paste them into the originally created Outlook and then close the OTHER Outlook.........Also I believe that the reminder sound only works from the ORIGINAL Outlook and not the OTHER Outlook".

I am just going out but will come back later to see if this made sense to you.

  Woolwell 21:55 25 Jul 2013

I'm sorry but I haven't a clue what you've done with Outlook to get a second set of personal profiles. But you may tow pst or ost files. However Microsoft remove duplicate personal folders.

The second pop up box is probably asking for an email password. This implies that you've either set up a new email account incorrectly or the server for that email address is temporarily down.

ps I'm a pensioner too.

  compumac 22:20 25 Jul 2013


I have in the past found that I have had two sets of personal profiles and is the reason that I made my diary note many aeons ago so that if and or when I meet up with the same situation I can fathom out how to get round the problem. It can happen when you create a fresh .pst and Outlook sees two sets of data.

  compumac 22:21 25 Jul 2013

PS. I used to be a pensioner some time ago - at least I think so.

  compumac 22:33 25 Jul 2013

I have just been looking at my Outlook. I have not used it for some time now, but if I remember correctly you hide the unused personal folder after you have copied across all of the necessary. I will look further into that in the morning. It is too taxing at this time of night to venture into.

  lotvic 22:51 25 Jul 2013

I got a headache after reading the first post.

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