Computer ouput to TV instead of Monitor

  KENDONREED 14:28 29 Dec 2003

I wish to view Power Point presentation of digital photos on the domestic TV via a coaxial cable. What hardware can I buy?

  johnnyrocker 14:33 29 Dec 2003

does your graphics card have tv out facility?


  KENDONREED 15:13 29 Dec 2003

No TV otput on Computer

  DieSse 15:38 29 Dec 2003

You will either ned to buy a graphics card with a TV output, then add a modulator to convert to Coax - or a converter to convert the VGA output and a a modulator.

The graphics card is probably the better route, as you will know for sure it's got a TV output, and the software to produce a TV picture.

The graphics card will have a composite video and/or svhs output - composite video is to be prefered for this. If you want sound you will also need a cable from the sound card. These can be fed into a modulato to connect to a standard coax cable, which can then be fed to the TV.

If you can feed the svhs or composite video, and sound, directly into the TV via phono/RCA sockets, or a SCART plug, this will be better (and you'lll not need the modulator).

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