computer is now too slow !

  gasman1 08:17 02 Nov 2003

My once super speedy computer now takes up to 5 minutes to boot up and settle down!
Even with a complete reformat of 'C' and just windows and office on C drive the HDD light flashes away merrily for ages. I can do ctrl/alt/del and see there are minimal drivers etc loaded but still it is like an old tv with valves, takes 5 minutes to warm up then is fine.
I am running win98se with office 2000 and a copy of works 7. I have the drive (60gb) partitioned with, I confess, loads of junk on 'D' drive.

A more modern mbo etc is tempting I dont need to be the best on the block so could probably afford ?200 to upgrade.

Any suggestions any one ??

  Wak 11:18 02 Nov 2003

Why not try to boot up with just the basic necessities and then load the Office programs etc only when you need them??
You could also try to remove all the Fonts that you never use but which are loaded by Windows at each boot-up.

  spuds 11:32 02 Nov 2003

I would be very careful about spending 'large amounts' of money upgrading an old computer [you do not mention age].Buying a new mobo isn't necessarilly going to improve your system, if other components are ageing and are non compatible.

I and a couple of friends tried the upgrading route on older machines, and in the end, it was a costly wastefull venture. Much cheaper to buy a new replacement, in the long term, considering some of the latest spec bargains available nowadays.

  wee eddie 19:35 02 Nov 2003

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